How Come Students don't like to read in Brazil?


Reading Facts Brazil

Check out some data on reading habits in Brazil (Instituto Pró-Livro and IBOPE):

of the students don’t
read on a regular basis

of the students have
never been given a book

Only 1 in 4 Brazilians are fully literate: reading, writing and math.

There are almost 150 million illiterate people in Brazil!


Gift books to change lives


A new concept in social initiatives

Public schools from the most impoverished areas and having the worst social, geographical and educational indexes were invited to apply to the program.


  • Schools


  • Students

All the students of a given school get their books at once on a single and happy day.

Each student gets different sets of 2 books, so they can read more, share among them and build a large shared library!

The gifted books belong to the students to take them home. That way more people can read and enjoy them, such as siblings, parents and neighbors, changing the lives of a whole community!

Play a key role in that story

Buy new literature books to needy students and help them to fall in love with reading!


Simpler than buying books at a regular online store:

Select how many students you want to help. Each one gets a set of 2 books.

Read and agree to the terms and click on “NEXT" to continue.

You will be redirected to the publisher’s bookstore to proceed with payment.

You can track the books’ performance and the results accomplished.

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In just 2 minutes you can change whole lives!

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Watch this quick film to learn more about the program

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