How books are distributed

Books gifted to students by the 1BOOK4LIFE donors are delivered to school directors or the designated member of staff from the schools, which filled the enrollment form accordingly. 

Either a teacher or a person responsible for this role will give each student a "gift package", a present containing the donated books, in their classrooms. Every student will receive at least one set of two books without exception.

All the books given away will belong to the student to take home to read. The objective is to make sure the students read the books as opposed to leaving them on bookshelves.

In order to stimulate sharing among students, each one will be given different books written by various authors. So, within a given classroom, every student will get a different set of donated books, making it a nice idea to cross-sharing (the process of one student exchange his/her books with another student). It's a big and wonderful shared library among students.

The schools, which become part of the program, will also be given books that can then be placed in the libraries for easy access. Find out more about role of the school manager and the designated educator here.

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