How much to donate?

In short, approximately US$21.50 per set of 2 books, for each student. 

When choosing to donate, the donor is able to select the number of students he/she wants to support. After that, 1BOOK4LIFE's system indicates which school, classroom and grade the selected students are enrolled. The system than selects the most suitable books for that group of students, based on a variety of social and educational statistics and data.

For each classroom, the system selects the largest variety of books as possible. The goal is to assure that in each classroom, each student gets a different set of books when comparing to his/her classmates. The students are then encouraged to read the books and exchange them among classmates. 1BOOK4LIFE's team believes that the greater the number of books a student can have access to, the higher is the likelihood for him/her becoming a regular reader. (Understand how it works by clicking here). 

The 1BOOK4LIFE program have decided to gift each student with an average of BRL 70.00 worth of books (approximately US$21.50). Here's why:

  • BRL 70.00 represents approximately 10% of the minimum wage in Brazil. That amount is very significant for the brazilian underprivileged families. It's not easy for a family to purchase books, especially when their priority is to provide shelter, food and other basic needs for the student. 
  • in Brazil, books have different price tags depending mainly on the school grade they are suitable for. High school books, for example, tend to be more expensive than those for the K12's. So, in 1BOOK4LIFE program, most of the K12 students are gifted with a set of 2 books (the set costs about BRL 70.00), while high school students will probably get a much expensive set of books, since the individual prices for that kind of book is around BRL 45.00 each (approximately US$15.00).  
Therefore, 1BOOK4LIFE's system will try to make the donation for each student the closest as possible to BRL 70.00, but it could be a little bit more, or a little bit less than that. 
When deciding to support the program, the donor will be informed online, before and after his/her donation, about every aspect of the purchase. The system shows, during the whole process, the name of the school, the selection of books and its prices, so the donor can choose the number of students he/she wants support at that moment.

Donors can support any number of students, any number of times. Each time donors purchase a set of books, the system tracks down the donated books and the student who gets that specific gift. That way, each time one book is read by a new classmate, the donor is informed about it, and each time the student supported by him/her reads a new book, he is informed about it too! The 1BOOK4LIFE system keeps track of all books and students in a true effort to collect as much data as possible to improve the program and help more and more students to fall in love with reading and learning. 

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What if one wants to donate a certain specific amount?

It is possible to place a donation of any amount you wish. Just click this link to make your donation now!

Your donation will be processed by Holistica Foundation Inc, a charitable organization located in New York, USA.

*Holistica Foundation Inc is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.