How to log in a book

Every 1BOOK4LIFE's book has a unique code: (see the image on the right side)

This is crucial for tracking the progress of each book as well as its readers, the students. The system also tracks how many times a book has been read in a given period by any student.

This enhances the fact that every time a book is passed on to a new student, the book should be logged in. There are only three steps to be followed by the student (parents and teachers will help the little ones):

  1. Click on the "SOU ALUNO" icon.
  2. Type in the book code as shown on the image at the right side.
  3. Enter the student's information, if it's a first time on the website, or login to the student's account.

Teachers constantly remind the students that, the more they read the books and share with others (cross-sharing), the more books their school receives from individual donors and businesses. So, read and share is the lemma! 

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Cdigo nico do Livro