Reading is essential and it plays a major role in the development of children. Reading on a daily basis enhances children's communication skills, memory, creativity and their overall interaction with others. It is a habit which begins at home and is carried out throughout life.

Every child who studies in a school which becomes part of the 1BOOK4LIFE program receives a book to take home. Therefore, parents can play a significant role in the child's reading activity.

How can parents contribute?

  • By guiding the child through the login process of the book on the 1BOOK4LIFE website. See how a book is logged in here 
  • By helping the child with time management so he or she can make the most of this experience
  • When necessary, by helping the child to overcome any barriers during the reading activities.
  • By simply spending a few minutes each day next to their children while they are reading, the parents can have a significant impact on their young lives.
  • By encouraging the children to share the book with other students and make sure they follow the same login procedures. 

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