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"It is not possible to build a country with conscious and responsible citizens who can critically understand what they read and listen without allowing them access to quality books and reading materials."
(Pró-Livro Institute)

According to the statistics, only a bit more than a half of the Brazilian population above five years old have reading habits. Such a contingent is formed by 88.2 million people who have access to an average of four books per year. Two out of the four books are read fully and the other two  only by half. The bible is considered the top of the list by the majority of readers followed by textbooks, romance, religion, fairy tale and poetry.

The above information was taken from "Retratos da Leitura no Brasil", survey conducted by the Pró-Livro Institute and by the IBOPE. Based on the results, a reader is a person who has read a whole book or parts of it three months prior to when the research took place. 

The last statistics, which were published in 2012, used a methodology developed by Cerlalc/Unesco in order to carry out 5 thousand home interviews in 315 cities from several regions of Brazil. Studies show that schooling, social class and family environment play a significant role in the number of books read per household. The higher the education and income, the greater the number of books read per household.

Results also show that among school children and teenagers, reading is fairly poor and rarely done. The number of readers are considered as follows: only 26% of middle school students, 30% of high school students and the 16% of college students are considered readers. 

Schools are responsible for 45% when influencing school children to read more, while the family is responsible for 43%.

Other significant data to be considered:

  • 93% of the reading is done at home
  • 88% of the readers stated that reading interests improved when books were given to them
  • 87% of the nonreaders stated that they were never given a book as a child.

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A nation of non-readers 

Data about reading habits in Brazil are also analyzed by foreign institutions. The Economist, one of the most important magazines in the world, published a special report on the subject in 2006. Since then, little has changed. Click here to read the text (A nation of non-readers) in full. (in English)

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