The student is part of a school involved in the 1BOOK4LIFE program. He or she is entitled to receive books donated by independent donors and businesses that strongly believe in the impact that such action can have on the overall development of Brazilian children.

Here is what a student needs to do in order to make the most of the 1BOOK4LIFE program:

  1. Log in every book received at our website ( If necessary, the student will be encouraged to ask his/her parents and teachers for help. The task is simple
  2. The student takes the new book home. It is a gift given by the social investor directly to the child. Upon reading the book the student is stimulated to share it among his/her classmates. 
  3. The student should log in every book that are given either by the school or classmates. Every time the student logs in a book he/she is making it possible for more and more children to be given more and more books. 

Exchanging books among classmates (cross-sharing), is essential so every student can have the chance to read a variety of books written by different authors.  

See how it works here: read and share.

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