The Books

The 1BOOK4LIFE program has selected books that suit each student starting with 4 year olds. You can learn a little about each book, using the mosaic below. 

When the donor chooses to buy brand new books, as a gift, to a student, the 1BOOK4LIFE system selects the most appropriate titles for the child, taking into account the age of the child as well as social and educational indicators. Thus the donor can be assured that the donated book will make a difference and will help to awaken, in that student, a passion for reading.

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Much of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was written by Jules Verne aboard his boats. Nothing could have been more appropriate to stimulate the imagination of this author that took about five years to complete his work. The process paid off: in the nineteenth century he managed not only to predict one of the greatest inventions of mankind, as well as putting together one of the most fantastic fiction novels ever published.

Laura Brown and her family are caught by surprise along with the whole England, and now have to ration their overall consumption with carbon shares distributed by the government. After the great storm of 2010, the world can no longer ignore the effects of pollution and environmental destruction. The teenager's diary addresses how would this change be in habits and life resulting from disasters caused by climate change.

Filó, a brave and generous whale, attempts to save her family after her friend Lord Big Whale was hunted and killed by a ruthless whale hunter. Despite the differences, the whale saves the aggressor from a shipwreck, teaching him values associated with wisdom and solidarity.

Puss in Boots called the characters from other stories for a very important saving. Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Prince, White Rabbit and even The Ugly Duckling gathered with tweezers and scissors, ready to release the most beautiful butterfly in the world, stuck in the middle of a book.

Here is the boy's big dilemma: to be happy with the girl or to be happy with soccer? A text that approaches creatively the difficult choice between both passions. The book still has a surprise in store: depending on the sequence of reading, a different ending unfolds.

The Nutty Baby makes many friends at the park by playing with his ball.

This book shows how important the culture is as a communities aggregation factor. It builds up a sensitive and innovative analysis concerning the influence of TV on the individual and on the society in which he lives, making us think about how to deal with this powerful and magicaln mean of communication.

The Apple Warm idealizes its little house, chooses the vowelsand the numbers and imagines itself living in them, alwayscheerful and fun.

Donato loves archeology. Against his father's will, that wants him to occupy his place at the factory he will inherit, he goes with his teacher, Abreu, to an adventure at the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara, in Piaui. More than archaeology, Donato

Paris, France, second half of the 19th century. Technological process of modern era attracts bourgeois elite. With Jacinto Galeão, it's not different. Rich, fat and lover of urban life, he doesn't refuse praise – nor money! – when enjoying the luxury promoted by futuristic enthusiasm. Therefore, these futilities begin to exhaust him. His friend José Fernandes tells with details why and how Jacinto changes urban agitation for simple life in the countryside, living in bucolic city of Tormes, in a mountain region in the countryside of Portugal.

The Jester, who was not a fool, goes on a journey in search of something cheery to amuse a sad princess. His adventure leads him to a castle. The castle is home to a wretched king, a yellow cat and a creature that is coiled up around the castle. O B

This book brings great adventures of the First Crusade, in which Godfrey conquered Jerusalem. That is when began the epic that would be nearly two centuries and a half of attacks against Jerusalem, Damascus and Tyre, under the crown of frank Baldwin I, that suffered attacks from Saladin, by the Ottoman Empire, the Egyptian Mameluke and the Mongolians from the East.

Mrs. Dalva, a school janitor, is sick and must stop working, however she is a great storyteller and because of that the students don't want her to leave the school. Then, everyone begins to work together in order to clean and preserve the school, so everyone can

Vahiné-Noa, queen of the day, lives for the light, the drums and joyful dancing. Vahiné-Po, queen of the night, only likes the silence and wandering around. The two queens don't get along anymore. Can Tevaí, the boy with the dark shadow, get them to make peace? Book based on the work of Paul Gauguin, Arearea.

An exciting romance, set in Rio de Janeiro in 1808, when the royal family and the Portuguese court arrived in Brazil, running away from Portugal, about to be invaded by Napoleon's army. With the arrival of the little portuguese boy Afonso, the acquaintanceship of two boys - the slave Dito and sinhozinho Lourenço - will never be the same. The boys work really hard to adapt to the new times and, just as the other residents of town, need to assimilate the big changes that the Portuguese arrival brought to Rio de Janeiro.

Written by Edward Lear in the nineteenth century, "The Owl and the Pussycat" became one of the most famous poems in the English language. However, it's still little known in Brazil. The work in a nonsense style brings this poem set to music plus an additional poem in an exclusive bilingual edition, with text and music. "The Owl and the Pussycat" sings the story of this curious travelling couple in search of the ring that would seal their love. And "The Children of the Owl and the Pussycat", a poem left unfinished due to the author's death, gains a new sequel, composed and performed by Cecilia Furquim. The graphic design by Raquel Matsushita represents the "family" perfectly, bringing the "child" book inside the "mother" book, along with a music CD of the poems, which stimulates hearing and visual creativity to delight and sing along.

The country was about to start elections for the following chairs: president, governors, senators and representatives, and the school decided that it was an excellent opportunity to help students learn the values associated with democracy and citizenship. But, just like some political taggers, a group of

This ecological fable tells how Miss Capybara, teacher of the School of Animals, is worried about the number of students that are missing her classes. What was happening? She decides to investigate the mystery and the result is the creation of the School of Life, a place where all the students

On Street 7, life goes on peacefully and predictable. Inside its great walls, for the happiness of the Owners of the World Committee, everything is under control. Well, almost everything. When the last house of the street opens the door for Max, Leo, Ivy, San and Isa, they finally meet its mysterious dweller, and life gains a different dimension.

This is an amazing science fiction story that mixes adventure, technology, ancestry, humor, beauty, destruction, and even poetry. An epic tale that narrates the adventures and misadventures of fascinating characters, such as young farmer Gmi

This book makes the reader discover his/her country and the way to love it. Blue sky and waters, Yellow Sun and joy of people originate the green hope, of cultivated land. Brazil has been created from the union of these three symbols.

John and his friends continue to venture through amazing stories. This time, the boy finds a dog and adopts it. Then, strange ghosts show up in his home, he meets new scary neighbors, and if all this wasn't enough, his monster friends disappear.

Juliana, Leo, Carol and Tiago are going to visit the glass factory with their teacher Cesar and the rest of their class. They got separated from their group and were alone in a room filled with jars, playing and shaping colored pictures on the walls. In a moment of pure carelessness, the jars fall and turn into pieces. Children run away, and make a journey through time, through history, discovering how the glass was invented.

This time, the Nutty Baby is on vacation at his grandfather's ranch and makes a big confusion.

Marcela is a special girl. She is nine years old, and she is going to do her first presentation as a ballerina. She is anxious, but she feels confident, because, despite the fact that she cannot see, she has developed different skills such as dance, ride a bike, swim.

There was a party in the sky. All animals attended. The tortoise, knowing that it would be impossible to get there, was smart and, surprising all the birds, attended the party. However, she was caught by the vulture at the exact moment of going home.

Princess Helga, daughter of an Egyptian king, had a mission in her life: to transform into a flower that would save her father from a serious disease. With the support of her adoptive mother, who will bring out the most special of the princess' qualities, everything will be solved.

The Almost Perfect Girl is the story of Gracinha, a little girl who carries the stereotype that every mother wants to have. But she has a defect: she says "yes" to everything. And then she knows the hilarious Purpletato, a fairy godmother that

After the untimely death of her mother, the young daughter of a wealthy nobleman was forced to retire her beautiful dresses and work to cater to the whims of her stepmother and lazy stepsisters. She was called Cinderella because she was often covered in cinders from the fireplace which was the only thing that kept her warm at night. Her heart never run out of goodness and she knew someday her life of sorrow would end.

The newborn Naoki arrived in a winter, windy day, brought by a giant wave, reaching Taro's boat. Seven years have gone by, but Naoki remained small, quite tiny. Would he have to return to the ocean in order to grow up? The answer came from a legendary silvery fish... Book based on Katsushika Hokusai's work, The Great Wave of Kanagawa.

The great search for God. Max has so many questions! But his mother can't answer them all. Like she says, "only God knows that". It's a good thing there's someone who can help him! But where does Max can find God or know what He looks like?

When was the first book printed? The invention of the press brought a lot of benefits. Which were they, and what did they cause? Which are the means that preceded the paper book as we know it nowadays? The Mayans already used to write a kind of book before Columbus arrived in America. Which materials were used by several different peoples to register their history? What value is there in a book?

Small novel that will challenge the reader by mixing past and future. Along with the author, the reader is taken to build the biography of irreverent characters, solving mysteries and filling the gaps in the narrative with the information obtained during the reading. A kind of memory game, playful and fun, that subverts the order of the story: beginning, middle and end.

A firearm tells its story and what happened to it after the Disarmament Statute was approved in 2003.

Crick! Crack! Crock! Such lovely vegetables! Lily the Mouse and her pal Henry cultivate a vegetable garden. They can each as much as they want: Cauliflower in January, leek in February...

Jim Hawkins was only twelve when Captain Bill Bones appeared in the old Benbow inn. The boy barely knew the size of the mess that awaited for him. The sailor, crazy for rum, had a frightening scar on his face andhid a treasure map - secret revealed shortly before he died. The boy wasted no time: he invited some friends and headed towards a hallucinatory journey with wooden legs pirates and parrots-matracas.

Dr. Augusto Ruschi, a famous naturalist, friend of animals and forests comes across a frog during his researches. As curious as one can be and unaware of how dangerous it is, the doctor grabs the frog and takes it to the lab in order to study it. The frog was poisonous! And Dr. Ruschi got contaminated. In this musical biography, Palavra Cantada tells how the naturalist dealed with his treatment.

After running like the wind through the streets of Rome, the Caesar Hadrian hides in a strange furniture. When he decides to get out, however, he realizes that he is not in a battlefield anymore. He is at Rio de Janeiro, 2000 years in the future. Follow the honorable and clumsy emperor while he ventures within this and other fantastic adventures through places and periods, in which he never expected to be!

In a faraway country, a king, realizing that he was getting old, deports the elderly, so no comparisons can be made. A sorceress, disguised as a beggar, gets upset and turns all the women of the kingdom, including the three daughters of the king, into stone. Only by bringing back a treasure from the sea things will be set. The solution consists on resorting on the experience and wisdom of the elderly.

Hana's Bag is a simple portrait, but shows how cruel was the life of children subjected to the Holocaust. The story goes through three continents during a period of almost seventy years. It involves the experience of the little girl named Hana and her family in Czechoslovakia (current Czech Republic), on the decades of 1930 and 1940, a young woman and a group of children in Tokyo, Japan, and a man in Toronto, Canada on the present day. A story that will sensitize everyone so the horrors that happened to Hana and other innocents never happen again.

Anaul was a girl who loved doing everything in the reverse order. In the morning, she said: Good night!; To take a leave, she said: Hi!; When arriving, she said: Bye! She watched TV with her eyes closed, and her pajamas were always inside out. What a funny girl!

Do you know the word iniquitous? What about plumbeous? Do you have any clue in relation to the word contempt? Well, the girl within this tale doesn't have the slightest idea of what they mean... But, tired of being haunted by unknown words, she decides to "wake them up". From that moment on, she discovers anew way - more fun - to interact with words!

Oscarzinho is a business boy. On one hand, he does everything to make a few bucks, even rent the little sister!... On the other hand, that girl says that she IS NOT Nutty! Her friends used to call her like that because she wanted to bath Mauricinho's cat with shampoo. Gabriela loves to walk to school everyday and see everything that is happening on the street. The problem is that sometimes she forgets to go to school. That boy wanted to play a trick on his aunts, but in the end he was caught.

Oscarzinho is a business boy. On one hand, he does everything to make a few bucks, even rent the little sister!... On the other hand, that girl says that she IS NOT Nutty! Her friends used to call her like that because she wanted to bath Mauricinho's cat with shampoo. Gabriela loves to walk to school everyday and see everything that is happening on the street. The problem is that sometimes she forgets to go to school. That boy wanted to play a trick on his aunts, but in the end he was caught.

At Meena's house there were books everywhere, since her parents loved books. And Meena hated them all. One day, Meena's little cat knocked down a stack of children's books. Suddenly, characters and animals left the books pages and invaded the living room

In The Metamorphosis, one of the greatest classics of the twentieth century, Kafka tells the story of Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman frustrated with his job who carries the burden of supporting his family. He wakes up one morning finding himself transformed to an insect. This fantastic event triggers a series of situations that showcase the powerlessness of man before the pragmatism of society.

The coin knew that coins are round and because of that they must circulate. But she didn't expect to circulate so much, by so many hands, so many places, has so many adventures. This book tells the tale of that coin...

Long ago, in a faraway kingdom, lived Ken Yamashita, an old man that worked breaking rocks on a mountain. Despite having a good life, Yamashita was not happy. He dreamed of being a powerful king. In one more day of work, while breaking a rock, he freed a spirit, which granted him three wishes. Transformed into a king, he went to live with his wife and children in a castle. But soon, his family got sick! He will have to rethink his values to recover the health of the family and rediscover happiness.

Trapped inside a book, and the little mouse decides to navigate and, with his little teeth, gnaws a page. Then he builds a little boat.

With amusing rhymes, Chuck Billy and Zeke create a challenge in the molds of the "improvisers" from the brazilian Northeast. Comes with a CD with the storytelling and the challenge sung and played by Monica's Gang characters.

This is the story of a little mermaid that, in order to make her dreams come true, has to give up of everything she loves. She must become something else and try to adapt to a new reality.

Débora was the type of child considered to be special, a prodigy. With just ten years old she was chosen to go to Brasília and make a speech directed to the President! Then, when she stayed at her cousin's house, a girl called Leninha, everything started to change...

Story of shy and recluse Catherine of Anis, a princess of Badaloques, a kingdom free from wolves, dragons, witches, and other evil beings since a magical decree was published by the Great Council of Fairies. One day, Catherine is invited to be the maid of honor of a friend. The princess excuses, as she is not willing to accept the invitation, but doesn't know how to escape. Catarina goes to her Fairy friend, but she is not home. By then, the princess finds a magic wand and decides to use it, unaware that that will cause a huge mess.

Lily is hidden in her hole on the wall. How to make her come out? Offering cherries? Radishes? Will she show up or not?

One day a Scottish farmer and his son saved a child who was drowning in a swamp. In gratitude, the boy's father, a very wealthy man, grants to the farmer's son, Alexander Fleming, the opportunity to study in London. The young boy becomes a doc

To choose his successor, the Emperor summons allchildren of the kingdom and give each one a seed. The child who could bring him, after a year, the most beautiful plant, would succeed him after his death. Thai tries harder, but the seed does not

Would you like to meet an adorable kitty that captivates all her friends with a pleasant melody? Her special way it is to always purr, and she wishes to have all her friends close to her. Her message: No one is better or more important, everybody is unique and precious!

Based on the folk story "Stone Soup", which belongs to the universal repertory of famous tales, this book tells the story of a rather stingy old lady, who would not even give leftovers to a starving dog. Peter, the smartest cook in town made a bet with his friends ensuring that he could get anything from the old lady. With his cleverness and kindness, he got the old lady to help him in the preparation of a delicious soup!

At this first person narrative, a character called Lucila tells us why her birthday is the saddest day of her life. A poetic and attractive narration, with ludic and unusual illustrations, that page by page, unveils hidden emotions behind the beautiful party decoration.

A magical island inhabited by spirits, a wild man, and two exiled nobles. A ship sinking with some of the most powerful people in Europe in the sixteenth century. "The tempest" is set. The storm at the sea is only the beginning of a tempestuous story: political conspiracies, plans for revenge, frightening, delightful and maddening spells, confusions, complications, and even a beautiful love story.

Based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the great question of the story remains: can a man serve two masters? Ebenezer Scrooge is one of literature's greatest cold-hearted misers. A wealthy man, he despises the idea of ??charity. He exploits his employee Bob Cratchit, takes advantage of the misery of others to enrich even more. On a Christmas eve, his principles are put to the test.

In this edition, Sherlock Holmes embarks on six adventures: "The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone", "The Problem of Thor Bridge", "The Adventure of the Creeping Man", "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire", "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs" and "The Adventure of the Three Gables".

Shaozu is a Chinese boy who is searching for his great-uncle's history, who went to Brazil in order to work. Then, he wonders what this country would look like, and falls asleep holding a Brazilian lucky charm. While sleeping, he turns into a butterfly and

Young Fabiana´s life gets turned upside down all of sudden! She will have to change school, change family and move out to a different city. But none of this can be compared to being separated from the person she loves the most in the world - Mariana, her twin sister. It's a tricky path, in which losses are necessary to the transition between childhood comfort and growing up.

Theo did not like math at all. He rather liked the other subjects in school, but math, no way... he had chills just to hear about it. Miss Crazy Girl, Theo's new neighbor, found out about this fear and, as a great math teacher, told him about the Wise Mathematician Manual.

Jules Verne, an observer of keen mind, makes this book a critique of the English culture and habits. The calm and methodical Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout, a servant that engages in disastrous situations, but also is capable of inventive solutions to complex problems, unveil the most diverse horizons, a journey that marks and transforms their lives.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in detective novels. Solving crimes that seemed unsolvable even for Scotland Yard, the famous British police, made ??his name a synonym for "detective". This edition gather six thrilling stories: "The Adventure of the Empty House", "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder", "The Adventure of the Dancing Men", "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist", "The Adventure of the Priory School" and "The Adventure of Black Peter".

Angela Lago proposes a delicious activity for allages and opens a door to the first reading through the use of riddles. This award-winning author and illustrator paves the way for the child to uncover the wonderful ABC world, suggesting games and activities,

Joaquim is about to meet his newborn little sister, but that does not please him. However, with the help of his friend Adamastor, he slowly changes his mind.

It's finally here! It's Nutty Boy's birthday. He wakes up to find himself home alone. Did everyone forget the most important day of the year?

The young Aladdin lived with his widow mother in Baghdad. One day, a man knocked on his door and said to be his uncle, brother of his late father. He told them he had got rich and that he would help his sister-in-law and his young nephew. But they didn't know that he was an wicked sorcerer that needed Aladdin's help to have a precious good: the magic lamp!

The great surprise of this book is the narrator. He monitors, investigates and sends reports to Mars on a trickle of brownish water, which came up between high mountains and a big green lowland. It grows, becomes torrential, imposing in its journey, before joining the sea.

A long time ago there was a poor woodcutter, who lived in the East called Ali Baba. In a afternoon, when he was going home, he saw forty men carrying big boxes. He could see and hear when they carried those boxes inward a secret cave, hidden behind a rock. After the men had left, Ali Baba went towards the rock and said the magic words that he listened from the thieves' leader. "Open Sesame" His great adventure had just begun!

Two feuding families and a forbidden love: in this explosive mixture feelings like love, hate, desperation and loyalty are exposed by telling one of the most dramatic stories of Portuguese Literature. Set in the nineteenth century, the plot unfolds frantic and dramatic fashion, much to the taste of the second phase of Romanticism, complete with love triangle, murder, suicide and letters – many love letters.

In "Love for Sayings", Isaías is obsessed with sayings and wants to marry Inês, who is not pleased with being the wife-to-be of this bachelor. In "The Federal Capital", at every win, the gambling addict Gouveia goes on a spending spree with parties and jewelry with his mistress, Lola. When Gouveia enters a run of bad luck, Lola needs to find another man to pay for her luxuries.

Caê arrived in the college class in a storming evening. Tall. Light and curly hair. Round and dark sunglasses. Leo. Different accent. The romantic Caroline didn't need to read the stars. There was no one like him. Caê caught her heart since she first saw him. After a quick and intense approach, they start dating – or nearly so. Feeling butterflies in the gut, Caroline tells her confused and pleasant love story.

Lara spends some days at her father's house, and her best friend invites her to take part in a theater workshop at school. At first, she is not interested, especially after sneaking a peek at the Dream of a Summer Night script, with her friend's lines, and

On a certain day, in the schoolyard, Angela sees a group ofboys humiliating a boy shorter than them. The girl decides to confront the boys, making sure everyone feel embarrassed for what they did. The school principal watches the scene interested and decides to recruit Angela to become a new "Angel" of the school, helping decrease violent incidents within it. Angela invites her inseparable friends Tamara, Victor and Edson to join the mission. The group accepts the challenge and calls itself "Angels of the Neighborhood."

Sofia tells the story of his friend Caio. In the beginning, they don't get along with each other very well and she doesn't approve his aggressive characteristic and persecutions to those that are "different". In addition to harming his colleagues, Caio starts to practice cyberbullying, sending messages to high school friends to humiliate them. Everything changes when Sofia and Caio spend more time together. Then a friendship starts and it will change their lives forever.

This collection of sixteen detective stories expresses the varied production of the writing genre in Latin America. We bring together authors who incursion by the gender, although the set of their works is not located in the detective field.

Abby's mother took her shopping, but the girl is bored. The last thing she wanted was to be there, in that store! That is, until she meets Joanne and her guide dog, Charlie. Although Charlie assists Joanne in "seeing", the dog can't help her choose

Smart is little to set Tom Sawyer, a boy who invents a thousand and one adventures for fun. But his craftiness is often put to the test in the most frightening situations... Almost always alongside friends - well, not to mention the enemies! And in love, confusing and heroic ... Travel with Tom Sawyer by mythical river banks of the Mississippi and experience incredible stories in this classic book, considered the inaugural mark of the literature of the United States.

Ziraldo jokes with graphic symbols thatare everywhere, in the world we live. The book will enable the reader to use imagination, giving life and feeling to the images represented in these symbols.

Somewhere in the forest there was a boy who didn't know what colors were, he never heard about them. His world and life were colorless. He didn't know that, because he didn't know nothing about colors, but he was a very sad and lonely boy. In another place of the forest there was a

The Apple Worm is a dreamer. It keeps on imagining its house in a different color every day... It would be better to have seven houses and live in a real rainbow... Having, on each week day, protection from a different planet... Finishing the week with a great Sunny day!

Michael and Peter are on holidays. They want to go to the beach, not to the Uncle Fran's ranch, in Minas Gerais. But the trip to the beach is canceled, and they end up going to the ranch. What can they do there, once there is no TV nor video games? This is something they are just going to find out

Among all seasons of the year, spring is the favorite one for the Apple Worm . It's when he has fun among beautiful flowers, enjoying wonderful vacation.

Ouch! No jam left in Lily the Mouse's house. Along with her pal Henry, she reaps the fruits: Plum, strawberry, pear, kiwi... Let's eat them all!

The Baron Munchausen was very famous at his time for the stories he invented. He used to tell them as if they had really happened! We just need to read the first of Baron's fun and improbable stories to notice that it would be impossible for a wolf to eat up a horse and then take his place by pulling his sleigh through the snow, until the city of Saint Petersburg.

This romance does not catch only by its subject, the relationship between a child and the murderer of her parents. The characters are strong, violent and loving, in other words, not a bit linear.

Luisa finds her grandmother attitude very strange, who got scared by two poor children sitting near an ice cream shop. The girl then makes alot of questions about the various conditions and situations that differentiate people: the place they live, what they eat, whether they study. Notices that although the differences, everyone are similar. Then, the girl looks up on the Internet and interviews people, asking multiple questions. This changes her life forever.

The city had been built over the water, and its inhabitants used stilts. Equipped with the longest stilt of all time, Nicolau walked over crowd, with his head in the clouds. After all the arrangements, the day of the Big Party had arrived. They could need his help...

The great kite-flying competition started! One, two, three... Now! But the wind is very playful this fall, and the contestants will face an odd surprise...

A brazilian writer and archaeologist finds, in a small museum near Vienna, old diaries that reveal facts about the history of Brazil. She creates then a story of passion and mystery, having as characters the archduchess Dona Leopoldina and the prince Dom Pedro, among others.

Rose, a young girl aged 15, after being expelled from her castle by the wicked stepmother, explores the world alone, facing dangers and challenges. On her journey, she meets three golden heads in a fountain. The heads ask her to look after them, which the girl obbeys with care and affection. After a lot of magical adventures, Rose reaches a beautiful castle, where her suffering would come to an end.

The young and eager for adventure, Gulliver, goes on board a ship and visit many different places. The text is an appeal for a peaceful coexistence among people.

Bubby is in a far away planet, collecting soil samples. With his work finished, he goes to his spaceship, and from the collective machine comes a strange bug that starts to eat everything in its sight. For each thing that he eats, he gets bigger until becomes huge! Bubby then needs to lock the glutton bug, otherwise he will be his next meal!

As a sagacious observer, Gil Vicente created social types able to makes us smile and think, at the same time. In this collection,you will find acts and farces that represent the works of Gil Vicente. Be prepared to find out that even five centuries later, many things are still familiar.

In a story full of adventure, danger and mystery, the reader gets to know landscapes, habits and stories of the places through which the characters passes by: Rome, Cairo, Luxor, well known churches, temples, pharaohs' graves, the Nile, etc.

Bebel was a drop that lived at the whitest cloud in the sky, the one that is always carried away by the wind. In the beginning there was plenty of room, but as days passed, more and more drops were moving to the comfortable cloud. Then, Bebel's life started to change. And, alone in the world, she starts a trip.

Benjamin is a child that is experiencing the challenges and joys of childhood. The protagonist narrates his experiences with unparalleled sensitivity and poetry. The illustrations, as a dance, embrace the text, expanding the meaning of the work and presenting the interior and dreamlike world of the character with mastery and delicacy.

Messy Bob, as his name suggests, used to leave everything out of place. Toys, clothes, games; nothing could be found before searching all over the house. Bob didn't really care about the complaints; he used to pretend it wasn't about him and had fun with that mess.

Bidu is enjoying his sleep when someone leaves a puppy in a basket in front of this little house. Bidu becomes desperate, since he never took care of a puppy. But his friend Duke helps him, and they take care of the puppy with all the love and care.

A short story in the form of play, told by a rag doll. Only in a play a rag doll is able to speak and tell its life and experiences as a girl, Leninha, its owner, is already grown.

The young and beautiful Snow White had lost her mother very early and was raised by her stepmother, who was quite a vain woman. The stepmother would ask a magic mirror every day if there was a woman fairest than her in the world, to which he always said no. One day, the mirror replied: "Snow white is the fairest one of all!" Angrily, the stepmother tried to kill the girl, but only managed to charm her.

The eleven tales of this work are a rich portrait of the urban and working life of São Paulo during the years 1910 and 1920. The quick narratives depict the everyday life, the culture and way of speaking of the Italian emigrant families that lived in the neighborhoods that named the work. The book entertains and excites its readers, who quickly identify with the charismatic and cheerful characters.

Entering a toy store was enough for Vic to start crying, fidgeting and asking for everything he saw. In the end he always got what he wanted. But soon he would put everything aside: roller blades, action figures, latest generation video games... But all this happened before his grandfather showed him the chest

Cacoliques are verses inspired in limericks of the English language, playing with cacophany, creating words in rhymed quatrains and illustrated by Eva Furnari's funny draw.

Playing with letters and fruits, the Apple Worm thinks about the houses of some friends and analyses them, to conclude that its own little house is the best one.

Laura and Louis are twins whose parents work hard to provide proper education to them. They repay them studying hard and playing sports. Louis is a strong, tall and sturdy soccer player, who looks older than his fifteen years. Laura is an accomplished Kung Fu fighter and willing to open a eastern-philosophy martial school. Upon a false proposal, they end up as slaves in a sreawberies crop field in Europe. How can they escape?

Middle Age, imposing castles, wars, beautiful damsels of very impossible loves. In this context, the first literary records in Portuguese arise: the troubadour songs, poetic and musical compositions. Accompained by violas, lutes, flutes etc., the troubadours sang their idealized passions or satirized his adversaries through songs.

Sensitive and skilled text portraying, as through a camera, the courage of the countryman, their fights, accusations of monarchical conjuring, when the main problem was the mistakes made by the government between 1865 and 1897. The brave journalist, engineer, military and important writer Euclides da Cunha, author of Os Sertões, traveled through Brazil telling and making an interpretation of our reality, what allowed him to rebuild ideas and conceptions. He dared to challenge the interests of powerful men. At the end of the book, there is a glossary and the most important dates.

This is a curious story about an imaginary city called Campos de Marcela, on the countryside of Minas Gerais, where interesting, humorous and amazing facts occur, involving beings of the nature, revealing typical aspects of the popular culture and the brazilian politics.

A girl spent her vacation on her grandmother's large house, a toy repair workshop. Amid a lot of creativity and book, this affective and artistic relation embraces customers and passersby, making everybody happy.

In a jaunt, the Skeleton Club faces a terrible mystery. Attempting to foil a rival classmate group, they find a mysterious cave and face dangerous bandits.

The fun and curious Lelê and Trix, twins, create a laboratory to perform crazy experiments, in order to discover how electrical devices operate. At discovering that most of their toys need electric powering to work, they walk around the house, aided by Shock, their dog, to discover ways to save power.

Duda loved to talk with the seeds, plants andthe animals of her garden. One day, surprising her, Miss Seed asked: - There's nothing better than the rain, right? Miss Seed decided to break the silence in order to complain about the pollution in the soil, water

The top secret Skeleton Club acts to save its leader. Peter is transformed again into a skeleton. Hit by a thunderbolt, he gets transparent and shines like a radiography. He will haunt everyone at school, especially

Beautiful poems depict childhood and children's mischief, presenting characters and rhymes that children love.

With beautiful pictures and a poetic text, these characters discuss many questions: “What is it to be a child?”; “What is it to be an adult?”; “What is respect?”; “What are the duties of a child?”. A book that brings for discussion, at home and at school, issues like mutual respect, dialog and citizenship.

Edward is itchy. How it itches! He rubs it on thistles, a tree trunk, mushrooms... Nothing will do! Does Marian have the solution?

It's possible to make all moon phases with an apple: from a full moon to a last quarter. But the Worm wants to know how to get to the Moon. And it dreams of finding out a great solution.

Popular songs, riddles, rhymes and tongue twisters of Brazilian oral tradition, about numbers and mathematical operations. Addressed to schools, government and bookstores.

Get prepared to experience adventure through mysteries of human soul. Guiding this trip, a special person called as “bruxo do Cosme Velho” – Machado de Assis In this selection , you will read one of the most famous short stories, such as " “O espelho”, “Missa do galo” e “A cartomante”. perspicaciousand ferine, the author created characters that are so intriguing andcontradictory that any resemblance to reality is notis purely coincidental. Pay attention to the messages between the lines – as Machado used to say, “I like to catch the minimum and the hidden details. Where nobody pokes theirs nose into, then I poke mine, with a lot of curiosity that discovers what is uncovered”.

Short stories collected by scholars of Indian culture and compiled by the author. They deal with superstitions, myths and legendsof our Indians, describing their habitats, habits and customs, speak of animals which they live with and explain, on their way, nature p

Four stories that intertwine telling the apogee and the decline of a huge farm. Four characters destroyed by vanity, human foolishness and pride: the ultramarine bird, the little goldfish, the golden horsie and lady-mango tree. Heart of Glass is a warning about the nature. The man, the biggest predator on the planet, abuses the environment without regrets, intervening in the freedom of animals. A moving book, a life lesson for children and adults, told with lyricism and poetry.

Written one hundred and four years before the man landing on the lunar surface, this novel combines the praise of technology and science to the social and moral criticism, anticipating the Moon conquering in the scope of an arms race.

All of a sudden, Denny's life becomes hell. His parents pass away in a car accident, and a couple of unscrupulous uncles, who he had never heard about, are making horrifying plans for his future. The boy decides to escape, and during his run everything gets

An accident with a small plane in the Amazon forest creates for Tavinho, a city boy, the perfect opportunity to learn about the reality of an indigenous village. However, Tavinho has a lot to learn from them: how to live in harmony and respect nature, how to use herbs for healing

A boy comes across his late grandfather's belongings and finds a bag full of old money. He asks his grandmother if she knows anything about money. She says that all those banknotes inside the bag lost its value because of inflation. With all the patience,

Who said children don't like poetry? Poetry is a different and delightful way to get to know about the outside and the inside world of each one. In this poetic diary, a grandson, like you, tell us stories of his life with his family, detailing the colors and tastes of the childhood.

The only of its kind in the world, this anthology, organized by Zetho Cunha Gonçalves, assembles eight tales of renowned writers, with content based on myths, legends and tales of oral tradition that mark and exhibit the riches and cultural diversity of Portuguese-speaking countries. Readers are sent to an enchanting world, leading them to rediscover Angola, Brazil, Green Cape, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, San-Tome and Principe and East Timor.

Dolores butt was Dodó, round and chubby. When Dodó grew up, it was covered with cloths, seams and buttons. The worst of all was that he only saw things in the world after they had already happened. And, when it decided to protest, it got shocked.

This autobiographical narrative, following My Sweet Orange Tree and The Hunt for Sunshine, tells the early youth of the protagonist, lived in Natal, focusing on the conflicting relationships with his foster parent, an episode of a premature love and the concerns of youth. At the age of nineteen, Zeze abandons his Medicine studies and lives a dilemma between his adventurous outbursts and professional stability that expects him.

This book presents two stories that unfold parallel to each other and depict the life of a middle class girl and a homeless boy. Both live in the same city, but within different realities. The stories end up intersecting with each other, in a very touching moment, presenting to the reader a very harsh social and economic reality.

Passion, jealousy, friendship and adultery. Mix all of them with a good dose of resentment, bitterness and irony, and you will have a small sample of what awaits you when you open the pages of thisnovel - one of the most famous classics of Brazilian literature.

On a strange night, when the moon played the conductor of a choir of frogs – a scary night indeed! –, Gib found Marduk's house in the woods. She stirred a cauldron incessantly with a large wooden spoon, and no one could guess what she was up to. The boy wanted to find out everything about her. And while unraveling mysteries, it was his life that rolled all over and forever!

Animal and his group attack their schoolmates at school. They attribute horrible nicknames to other students considered to be different. Teacher Nancy, however, comes up with an efficient way to stop this practice. Besides being fun, this book is educational, because it provides

Edgar Allan Poe, the Genius of Horror is the biography of one the most innovative and intriguing authors of the whole world. Readers will have the chance of knowing him a bit deeper, and will get emotionally involved with all the tragedy and glory within the life of this man sentenced to be a writer.

Kittywimpuss is a cat that has personality, and everybody truly likes him. However, when his friends invite him to play, he says he doesn't want to, because he is afraid to make mistakes. He is always wearing sunglasses and a cap, but inside he's feeling sad. But one day he will

If every story has two versions, which one is correct? "Eduardo always releases his elephants short after he arrives at a place. Everywhere, no matter where he goes. There were a lot of animals, a true herd. If just one person would come closer to talk to him it was certain that the elephants would be released!" Will the elephants

The monkey dropped a banana into a hole in the tree. In order to rescue the fruit, the monkey asks for help to a number of people but no one is willing to help. Traditional brazilian folk story chosen by Câmara Cascudo. The gender of Cumulative Tales is a facilitator of reading, directed to readers in process.

In the 8th century, Muslim Arabs dominated the Spanish territory. From the free lands, the sovereign catholic began the fight for reconquest of Spain and expulsion of the Moors. The saga of El Cid is part of this great adventure

During vacation, it rains a lot, and Nina gets bored since she cannot play outside. To spend the time, she and her friends decide to visit Uncle Flay in his lab. There, they learn that the rain is very important! It is the rain that fills the water reservoirs.

The short stories gathered in this book are a gift from Marina Colasanti to the readers. Based on classic teams, the author tells many histories of kings, queens, princesses and knights, with surprising beauty and sensitivity.

Humorous stories, filled with fantasy and unusual situations. The rhymed verses, beginning with the sentence "Once upon a time", sharpen the reader's imagination.

This work is an innovative recreation of some myths and elements from the imaginary and literature – wandering knight, witches, dragons, black cat, ghosts, bogeyman, bats, specters and others. Creatively interacting with their grandparents, children play different roles in a magical and full of affection coexistence.

Espumas Flutuantes was the only work published during the life of Castro Alves and was transformed in the main representative of Condorism poetry in Brazil. In the fifty three poems that are part of the book, the most important themes of so-called third romantic generation, such as fight for freedom, the nationalist exaltation of progress,grandeur of nature, carnal love, the woman - lessunattainable - without abandoning the typical subjective matters of poetic persona :death, life and existential questions.

Apple Worm has lots of imagination! He dreams of being in a planet, walking around in a galaxy or hanging on the tail of a comet.

A curious child decides to ask her parents where they were born. In addition to answering the question, the parents also tell her how her great-grandparents met. From one side, great-grandparents from the Southern plains; from the other side, great-grandparents from Bahia's wilderness. Full of rhymes, poetry and breath-taking drawings of Walter Moreira Santos made out of colored sand, "Me" tells the generation of a family in a very entertaining way.

A lot of confusion happens when the Nutty Boy invites his friends for a sleepover. In I Don't Know How To Organize, I Just Know How To Mess!, the gang will pull many pranks at the Nutty Boy's home. When he grows up, will the Nutty Boy leave his room so messy as it is now?

Have you ever seen a cat like this, blue and striped in green? Maximus is not just another cat, he is fun! His story is going to tell us why we should love ourselves. It doesn't matter if you are this way or that way, what really matters is to be nice and truly loved!

Who, as a child, had no curiosity to know what animals do when the sun goes down? Fabiano Onça's delightful verses talk about the nightlife of animals. Tatiana Paiva's fun and creative illustrations come to life within every verse. Ma

Mom and Dad, stiff as statues, pose for the painter Diego Velázquez. They don't move. It's pretty boring staying still like this. We get cramps from smiling so much. I would rather be playing freeze tag. It's more fun. So what? I'm just a kid, you know! Who wants to play? Everybody. They all wait behind the door. For me, Princess Daisy, everything happens when I want and the way I want. Book based on the work of Diego Velázquez, "The Maids of Honour".

The boy Tonico and his faithful friend Perova will be in adventure – as with their uncle Juvenal, from Piratininga, with his bad friends Bugre-do-chapéu-de-anta and Elesbão – in a tragic-adventurous story through the distant hinterland inhabited by brave indians, an unusual waterfront place where gold nuggets could be found and where letely would be named Martírios.

The author tells the story of John, a boy who considered himself a coward, until the day he made a bet with his older sister, and after losing it, had to face his fears and enter the ghost train in the amusement park. The train, which has been closed for several years, kept a great mystery, and John ventures into exciting and scary stories with his new friends.

Based on the A Very Nutty Boy TV series, the character is portrayed in three different ages: at 5, at 10 and as an adult, reflecting and experiencing many moments of life. The arrival of Blanche, a new student at school, will stir the hearts of all the boys. Stumbling upon the girl's beauty, they get charmed, and begin a discussion on what would be the beauty according to each one opinion. This prompts the Nutty Boy to seek understanding the concept of true beauty.

Annie goes on a vacation at the castle of his half-brother in Germany. Among the landscapes of Baviera, the beer's party, the mystery and ancient traditions, the two siblings and a group of friends search for the solution to the strange apparitions in the castle.

Many pranks are pulled when the Nutty Boy invites his friends to stay overnight. Slumber party, based on the A Very Nutty Boy TV series, portrays the character in three different ages: at 5, at 10 and as an adult, reflecting and experiencing many moments of life.

Poetical narrative of Ceição's story, a woman who adopted six boys who became her "six children of heart". The author tells the boys' story through shot verses, whilst presenting, in parallel, lullabies, songs and nursery rhymes.

Everything is colored. The world is made with colors, but none is Flicts. A rare, fragile, sad, color that sought in vain for a friend among other colors, and did not find a place to stay. Abandoned, Flicts looked away, up, and climbed up, to finally

This romance is based on researches about the life and workr of Father Caneca. With this story, the reader will know the human and daily dimension of illustrious characters and common people of a historical period. Besides, from a didactic point of view, the romance allows to go further into historical themes discussed in the classroom, as well as the thought about the history, that strengthens the citizenship.

One day the restless Gabi visits her great-grandmother, who lives in a very old house, full of nice things to look at. When Gabi finds her great-grandfather Ataliba's old trunk, she can't even imagine that inside it there's... a treasure map! More curious than ever,

Gabi, a curious and active girl, lives a fantastic adventure in the world of collective nouns, which become riddles she should resolve to return to the real world.

The restless and curious Gabi, tired of living in a country at war, embarks on an incredible journey through the world in search of peace. She explores deserted islands, climb the icy mountains, investigates the seabed and scours the blue sky.

Bat's alert eyes run through one of the biggest cities in the world, always looking for justice and resolution of the problems that seem to be unsolvable. The intertextuality with one of the classics from the movies and comic books – Batman – grabs the reader's attention

Goths II - Lugubrious Mysteries, pays tribute to Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula, and brings some of the writers of world literature, in a genre that proposes to look into some of the most intimate aspects of the western and human being culture - Terror, its relationship to the phenomena that we cannot explain.

Dracula, Frankenstein, Mr. Hyde – the monster... Castles with secret passages, dark spaces, dungeon... And the horror. The one who makes us look over our shoulder when the vampire is about to attack in the story we are reading. At the time when the haunting appears in the page lines. By the time the inexplicable, which could not happen, awakens us ... desire.

Young people are the future of nations, and the elderly, the passport so that they reach awareness of their origin and identity. African people, with their incredible story tellers, the griots, teach us to preserve traditions through integrations between these generations. In this adventure, Ubuntu, a griot who works as a taxi driver, will need to use his wisdom to save Martins and his colleagues of violent political and religious conflicts that come knocking at the school gate.

Ulysses is 14 years old and has a serious disease. He decides to register everything in a diary so his 4-year-old brother Lucas gets to know more about him in the future, "if the worst happens". In the institute where he is treated, Ulysses meets lots of youths who are fighting for their life too.

The skillful archer William Tell was a simple, good and vigorous man, whose bravery and honesty made him a beloved and respectful man in his region, a canton of Switzerland. When the Austrians invaded and took over the city, they began to do people an injustice and arbitrariness. William defied the ruler and led the resistance fight .

Hans Staden was a german traveller that narrates his traveland details of the habits and traditions of the tupinambas, some of the 5 million Indians that existed in Brazil at the XVI century. Hans is charmed by the culture, joy, simplicity and wisdom of the people, who does not own a private property, because nature belongs to us all.

This book gathers four of the most known and intriguing tales of the great master of the world literature. “The revealing heart” What is madness to you? Does anyone who commit premeditated and calculated actions can be considered insane? “The revealing heart” is a sinister tale about a man who believes that madness is only the hone of senses, in particular, the hearing. “The oval portrait” An ill man walks into an abandoned castle to spend the night under a roof. There, he settles himself in a room full of works of art. One of them calls his attention. It is the portrait of a beautiful young woman, painted perfectly. He examines the painting becomes astonished: the portraited young woman seems to be alive. “The masque of the red death” In medieval Italy, while the population was being wiped out by the horrible plague known as Red Death, the prince Prospero was throwing a costume party in his magnificent castle, judging to be safe from the contamination. But what he didn't expect was to have among the presents, an unwanted guest. “The black cat” A man tells a series of strange facts. Events so astonishing that he starts to question his own sanity. How someone as good as him, an animal lover, could change so much after purchasing an enormous black cat named Pluto?

This is the story of a terrible war, of which took part gods and brave warriors. A story of vengeance, heroic acts and devastating power of a beautiful woman. A story of blood spilled on land, over the gigantic towers of Troy, and on sand, with the ships of curbed prows, colored in carmine, from Greece. At that time, gods took sides on battles between mortals and interfered directly in their destinies. The Greek brought the war to Troy and besieged the city for nine long years.

In mid-19th century, in Mato Grosso province. Think of a story similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. Performing Romeo's role, Cirino, a man with good character that acts as a doctor in the confines of the backcountry. As Juliet, the beautiful and simple Inocência. Add the rural scenery, a rude and demanding farmer andand a villain. Mix a German naturalistspecialized in insects with it. Get prepared for a typical story of Brazilian regional romanticism, that, through fiction, shows the customs and behavior of the backcountry –with a lot of excitement, suspense, and a dash of humor.

Did the relationship change because of Facebook? What about love, did it change too? In this anthology, these and other challenges become stories that can be fun or dramatic, but always browsing technologies that have altered our habits and even our way of seeing life and the world. Here, authors from various parts of the country explore different resources of modern technology, each with their own way of storytelling, with their ideas and concerns.

Ceára, 16th century. You are about to know one of the acclaimed love stories of Brazilian literature. The white European hero, that falls in love with Iracema, “the virgin with honey lips”. More than sweetness, the beautiful one keeps the valuable secret of Jurema, that requires her total chastity. Love, however, doesn't know secrets; it has its own mysteries. In the plot, a historical conflict between indian tribes permeates the narrative, forming a parable that istragic and poetic, at the same time, origin of Brazilian people.

Korir and Chentai went to Tsavo National Park, a wildlife reserve in Kenya, Africa, with their father in a jeep. The children took a camera to take photographs of the animals. Everywhere they went, they greeted the animals saying "jambo!", which means

Edgar was just a boy living in Heaven's Garden, a low-cost housing project in the suburb, until the day a blind old man – who could see things a lot better than many people – came to the neighborhood. Conrado, the visually impaired man, had a treasure of incalculable value, which

A group of students from Colégio Padre Miguel gets involved in suspense and mistery adventures when they make a new friend, their new neighbor, Jiló, who lives in a Favela. Chicão, Jonas, Plínio, Samuca and Alice help Jiló and personal values get stronger,

JK is a nice maned wolf that has doubts about whether living a wildlife or a urban life, in the Cerrado (tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil) or in the city created by an architect. With good-humor, poetry and the help of a friend, he goes on his way telling the history of

João is an overweight boy, that is discriminated by his classmates. As the days pass in the company of his dog Pix, either typing with his friends on MSN or fiding out that reading could be really nice, João reflects upon his life and, at the end, his dream of playing soccer comes true.

John is nine years old and he is not doing very well at school. He has difficulty in reading, learning and concentrating. Aunt Paula identifies the problem: John has dyslexia, a learning disability of neurological origin that affects children and adults. However, with

Sol and Lisa are two kids on board of the St. Louis, a ship full of Jewish passengers running away from Europe to save their lives. The St. Louis, a luxury liner, leaves Germany on 1939, taking its almost thousand passengers to a safe harbor on the other side of the ocean. They will have the chance to start their lives again in countries like Cuba and United States, away from the anti-semitic nazi regime. Lisa and her family occupies a big cabin in first class, while Sol and her parents are on the lower floor, in the tourist class. They don't know each other, but share mixed feelings: excitement about crossing the ocean, hope in a new future and sadness for leaving everything behind. The optimism of Sol and Lisa is threatened when the ship is prevented from docking in Cuba's harbor. Will the kids have another chance of refuge? Or is, in other harbors, a dark future waiting for them?

A researcher takes his teenage son to southern Africa, where he aims at investigating the Bushmen's life. In this scenario, the end of Apartheid in South Africa is addressed, homage to Nelson Mandela is paid and a lot of information is given about

Apple worm shows it knows Geography and proves everything he finds out with drawings. With its help, the reader will know what cape, island, valley are like. In addition, it' s possible to know how maps are done and what they are made for.

Something was wrong. George was always quiet, brooding and very mysterious His unusual behavior began to intrigue the Carrapatoso family. But what could be happening to George? Would he be in love with someone from school? As Rita, his sister, decides to investigate, she end up being the cupid of a love story.

This book tells the story of Leo, a handsome boy and gifted player, who is very successful with girls. But, after a motorcycle accident, he becomes paraplegic. Gradually, Leo rediscovers his physical abilities, at the same time he performs a

Rio de Janeiro, mid-19th century. Carioca elite does not miss a play at the Teatro Lírico and has fun at glamorous parties. In this scenario, Paulo arrives in capitalempire, ready to have fun in the evenings of Court. But he doesn't even imagine that he is going to meet the astonishing Lúcia. At first sight, the beautiful woman is a simple luxury courtesan - but under feathers and jewels, a devastating past consumes her. Ingenuous and passionate, Paul is the only one who will be able tounravel that.

Cícero attended a lecture of a bearded man, and because of that he named his little goat "Rights". It was dry season, and Rights had to be sold. The boy couldn't stand seeing his friend leaving and, willing to fight for Rights, he got in the

The Apple Worm is in love Who is the beauty that captured its heart?

In 1947, Canada is still suffering from the postwar effects: people goes through needs, and the price of the food only increases. Despite that, Maggie wants to give her friend a chocolate bar of 5 cents as a present. Maggie works with her father, at the warehouse, making deliveries. All of sudden, the price of the chocolate goes to 8 cents! The kids decide to do as their mothers, who went to the streets to protest against the price increase of the milk. They organize a movement that reaches the whole country, with walks having children holding signs, protesting against the price increase of the candy. Meanwhile, Maggie have only three days to buy the gift to her friend.

Many tricks will happen when one of Nutty Boy's school girl friends suggests they do a group school work at his house. With the group consisting only of girls, Nutty Boy faces an afternoon of loves and confusions with his girl friends. In a hilarious tone, illustrations and text will draw the strangeness and the involvement of the Nutty Boy with the feminine universe.

This book portraits in a fun way the adults' concern, who sometimes get embarrassed when trying to protect their children, who nowadays are prematurely well informed. Here, the adults, worried about transmitting values, are surprised by their children

August 1942. Brazil joins the fight against the Axis Alliance. The war in Europe is causing great changes in the life of Brazilians, like the young Hilda, a student of Italian descent, who dreams of being a nurse. In the chaos brought by war, Hilda finds love, confided in the pages of her diary.

At first glance, Mark turned his nose up at his partner in the History paper: Julia. The topic of the essay? Slavery nowadays...Sometimes when we least expect it, great truths, adventures and friendships arise! It was this way that two young

Under the alias Dirceu, Tomás Antônio Gonzaga declares, in his poems, his love to the young Maria Joaquina Doroteia de Seixas, referred to as Marilia. Marilia de Dirceu has an autobiographical nature, and bears a tone of love confession in which the muse lives with the strong presence of exaltation of nature and pastoral life. Mostly written within the author's exile, for his engagement in Minas Conspiracy, the work also features Pre-Romantic characteristics, such as pessimism, loneliness, melancholy, and bitterness. Provided with beautiful illustrations, the book also presents a supplementary section called "Information kit", which may help further understanding of the historical and literary period in which the work was composed.

This is a graphic novel that tells a tale of crime with great sense of humor! In a town entirely inhabited by bugs, Joey Fly is a private investigator who fights crime. Joey enlists the help of his assistant Sammy Stingtail, a young and clumsy scorpion. The duo is hired by Dalila, the pretty butterfly, to investigate the mysterious robery of her diamond box.

Medoliques are five lines rhymed verses, inspired in the limericks of the English language. The verses talk about, in a humorous way, the fear that children and adults may show in relation to bugs, ghosts, airplanes, dentists, witches and other things.

In a fun adventure, the trajectory of a ten Brazilian reais bill is told. Always circulating from one hand to another, the ten reais bill begins its history in the hands of a newspaper seller, who passes it in a sale of telefone cards, ending up in the hands of a colec

The young donkey used to work really hard, carrying his big fat owner and the whole vegetable and fruit production to sell at the market. One day, he got tired of being beaten up and underfed, so he run away. Then, after this, he lived a long life full of adventures, rendering some services and making friends. Until he found a gentle owner and decided to tell his memoirs.

Rio de Janeiro, during the reign of D. João VI. Get prepared to experience an adventure full of adventures in the company of the most original and amusing characters of Brazilian literature: Leonardinho, filho de uma pisadela e um beliscão, mais tarde sargento de milícias.

Imagine yourself, telling your own history after dying. What wold you say? Who would be yous history's characters? Which secrets would you reveal? Would you be afraid of telling what you think? What would you be ashamed of? Get prepared to know Brás cubas, a dead author willing to narrate his own memories without restrictions, with a good dose of irony, a dash of sarcasm and a lot of pessimism, which is humorous and melancholic at the same time - to dig deeply down the mysteries of human soul.

The Moon Boy Gang, suddenly, has everything to do with the Star Girl. During the longest part of his life as a writer, Ziraldo was worried about unraveling the soul of his boys. Now, he is living some adventures to discover another institution that is fascinating: a girl. And he makes it with such enthusiasm that interrupts the series, for some time. Besides telling how and why it happened, he offers to his readers one of his most touching works and, certainly, the most delicate. You gotta see this!

This is certainly the most touching book of all those already written by Ziraldo for children. With a heartwarmingpoetic strength, the author probes the mysteries of life and deathwith a careful and simple language speaking of painin a hopeful, delicate way. It's, of course, adifficult conversation to have with children, but here isthe secret of someone that can speak with them accurately,and in a sensible way.

Carlão's father loved the brute behavior of his son, and the boy's mother did not allow him to cry or play with girls. One day, however, on a holiday, Carlão's parents traveled and the boy was alone, without friends. Then, some girls of his building invited him to play. After all, do boys play with girls?

This fun and fascinating book tells the story of a dinosaur called Joaquim, that one day simply appeared at Miguel's backyard and since then is part of the family. Polite and intelligent, Joaquim played with the children, helped with the chores and slowly started to teach a little about science: where does oil come from? How does it form? And why is it so important in our life?

This book gathers eight sensitive and humorous tales about friendship, solidarity, ingratitude, childhood, adolescence, studies, career, family, living, rights and wrongs, the rural and urban life and all kinds of loss.

Ziraldo reminds his childhood. In the encyclopedia, between A andF, he found a kangaroo figure. It was love at first sight. Gugu was his friend during childhood, for dreams and fantasies times, for tenderness and warmth moments. Ziraldo grew up, became a writer, designer, artist, and the kangaroo was always on sight.

Michael really likes Peter, his younger brother, but they don't always get along well. To Michael's mind, Peter is still tot young and doesn't know how play. Their mother wants to see them together, with no fights, but Michael thinks that everybody just cares about Peter

A cheerful and joyful dog, and a little bit different as well. Meet Gronk, the green dog! His mother told him: "Be careful". His father said it again: "Don't be foolish". It is always good to have fun, but we also need to listen to people.

Felicio mouse gets at home very excited! He learned at school how to make his budget! In an exciting conversation with his parents, Juarez and Lila, Felicio discovers how important it is to know how to plan, to be organized and persevering to successfully manage his

Lulu, Michael's cousin, got a nice box of colored pencils, but she would rather play alone than lend her colored pencils Until the day all her pencils fall down and break all the tips... Michael offered to sharpen them, and then they found out that playing together is a great

The aunt would rarely be alone. She was a star, and the stars are always accompanied. There were relatives, friends, older nieces, who were like chaperones, someone that would bring a guitar, play piano and come up with the latest news. However, sometimes, others would have lunch or dinner, and the aunt was almost always on a diet, so she would be alone playing Solitaire while drinking coffee with milk...

When imagination meets beautiful pictures, another world emerges, different from the one we know. That's what happens with this fantastic book, written and illustrated by the well awarded, Spanish artist, Xan López Domínguez. The characters that reside within the author's memoryleave their home and come to life, through nerves and elegant colors. They advance as the pages are turned, telling lost stories and winning hearts and minds.

John and his monster friends have a very important mission: scare the oldest sister of Teófilo Talão, the richest boy in the world. John takes advantage of the opportunity to use his monsters to scare his own sister, who had put him in a very complicated situation.

A selection of traditional tales, published in order to celebrate the Latin-American Co-edition project 's 25th anniversary, from the Regional Center for Book Promotion in Latin America and the Caribbean (Cerlalc). The tales comprise various themes: ghosts,

In this book, Felicio and his friends note how the graffiti makes the city ugly. Nina, the mouse, explains that the monuments tell our history and embellish the places. Then, the group makes a plan to highlight the importance of historical

Rabia is an Afghan girl about to get her life changed. Her father has been arrested and the family does not know whether she is alive or dead. Her oldest brother has been killed in an attack and her youngest brother, who witnessed everything, has been mute ever since. Her other brother is in the Iram army. Her mother, so happy and vivid before is now suffering in pain and health problems, and does not disguise her sorrow. Rabia, a victim of the conflict as having a leg amputated by a land mine is found to be the single one able to support the survivors of her family to make the only thing possible: to escape.

A curious Baby that learns so fast. He explores his house while still in the arms of his parents, grandparents, uncles and little cousins, and learns all about opposite things: under, above, big, small, etc.

Mumi is a happy and quiet boy who forgets everything. He forgets where he lives, to have lunch, and even to work. While others make fun of him, the arrival of a very rich and proud man completely changes the people's behavior

His forename was Aaron. As this was also his father's name, he received Ron as his nickname. Then he became Ronnie; and soon he was Ronny, and that is his name now. The boy had a nice family. He went to school, played soccer, went out with

Helena, a 14-year-old girl, won a prize from the UN: to visit the Africa region where gorillas studied by the doctor Dian Fossey and shown in the movie Gorillas in the Mist live. When she arrives there, she faces problems that involve ecological and social matters of the region.

Is Cinderella sweeping the floor and feeling happy? Is the empress naked walking around the people and she doesn't care? Are the three little pigs living together with the wolf? Yes, that's right! Classic stories of children's literature together in this

Aninha thinks she was born in the wrong time. She likes rock and wears clothes that are different from those worn by the students of the new school where she attends. She has dark under-eye circles, genetic thing, not a big deal. But she is different and this is enough to her colleagues make fun of her, giving her a nickname: Ana Rockhorror. They even create a community on Internet and make fun of her in chats. But Ana is brave and will deal with this situation.

The brothers Korir and Chentai are doing a research with their friends across Africa to know the games they like most. Anywhere children are all the same. The boys and girls across the African continent love running, jumping, playing, inventing, singing and having fun. How about learning any of these plays?

Chewdalootie is a good and attentive dog, that likes to receive love. He is always ready to obey, but he has no one to entertain. When he is left alone, he messes up everything! But Chewdallotie has a good heart and he just wants some more attention.

Richly illustrated poems that speak of harmony in nature, its beauty and magic, and the importance of developing an awareness towards the damage we can cause to it, and consequently, to ourselves.

Felício Feliz explains the effects of pollution in the big city and shows the importance of nature to maintain the quality of the air. It teaches how to keep the environment clean and how to recycle trash. Beautiful illustrations with computer graphics resources make the subject even more interesting.

Jorge Luis Borges' literature is like a labyrinth. There, the 1001 nights, mystery stories, fables and legends of different cultures, literature classics, Greek mythology, all cross each other, as well as an infinity of possibilities. Borges himself is almost a myth. This volume brings tales by four writters fond of Borges - João Anzanello Carrascoza, José Eduardo Agualusa, Leo Cunha and Luiz Antonio Aguiar – who challenge the labyrinth and present stories inspired in the Argentinian writer and his most remarkable tales, poems and articles.

When the researcher Darwin was in Brazil, he met a boy who drew beautifully. Upon discovering that the boy was still a slave, he bought the rights to his freedom, taking him on a long trip. It was in this Darwin's trip that supplied the

Three stories of love. The thread that binds them is a magical and poetic universe, which affects the events, characters and the language. "The girl in the boy's eyes" tells the discovery of love between David and Vidinha. "The boy who respected butterflies" presen

This adventure, first-person narrative, presents lots of information regarding to some African countries: habits, live conditions, wars, physical and geographical politics. Because the narrator-character is a fourteen year-old boy, his language involves the reader in his adventures, scares and discoveries.

Sherlock Holmes is involved in six more adventures: "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client", "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier", "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane", "The Adventure of the Retired Colourman", "The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger" and "The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place".

Selecting weekly chronicles published in newspapers "O Estado de Minas" and "O Tempo". With his good humor, geniality and optimism as ever, the writer performs its function "Aspite" adviser guess, each page showing to the world that there is a way for everything. And for Brazil too.

The young scientist and inventor Filangote Tarta, better known as the Ballooning Man, is entrusted by the king of Tuênia with a very important mission: to cross the whole kingdom flying his balloon and draw a map, with as many details as possible, depicting all landforms and cities

The son of a rich merchant, upon inheriting his father's wealth, soon squanders it in binges and whims, until shortly after he has nothing left but a few coins. All his friends had abandoned him but one, a jokester who sent him an old trunk with a note: "Prepare your bag!" With no belongings to be put in yhe bag, the boy entered into the trunk and closed it. Suddenly, the trunk flew, taking him to a journey full of adventures.

The Nutty Baby makes up new ways to play with his old toys.

Under the wood, the animals gathered to hear themost amazing stories told with much grace bythe worm that lived inside the apple. Unfortunately, danger came up, and the Apple's Worm tell us how it could escape because of its intelligence. It seems like a made up story but the reader decides.

The Warm is very happy. A beautiful apple grew. Both were growing together Now the apple stopped growing, but the worm kept on developing and is getting prepared for a great transformation...

After the success of the book The Quarrel of Chuck Billy, the Viola Player with Zeke, the Fiddle Player, also published by Melhoramentos, Mauricio de Sousa and Fábio Sombra are together in another tuned partnership: Brazil on Paper in Cordel Poetry. Nominated in 2008 as the Tourism Ambassadress in Brazil, Monica visited all Brazilian States and pictured everything. The result: a trip through diversity and landscapes of Brazil.

The father of the boy called Aquiles always tells him the story of the Greek hero who was also called Aquilles. But his heel hears the story and gets afraid of being pierced by an arrow of an enemy.

The caliph Chasid got from a peddler a little box with mysterious inscriptions in the cover. After a wise old man deciphered the words, Chasid found out that with a magic powder, which is inside the box they will be able to turn into any animal they may want to. There begins the great adventure for caliph, his grand vizier and a owl-princess through the skies and castles of Bagdad.

“The Camel, Donkey and Water” is a fable with no text that presents the conscious use of water as the main theme of the book. Within this tale, the Camel and the Donkey, neighbors, face together a day without water supply. As the child turns the pages, it's possible to learn conscious usage practices with the Camel and notice how the Donkey wastes water at home.

The death of the rich land owner Sir Charles Baskerville is intertwined with a mystery involving an old family curse, a great inheritance and a gigantic ghostly hound. Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson are requested to investigate the case. This is one of detective Sherlock Holmes most famous stories.

Ziraldo publishes one more book of The Boys of the Planets series. Now, it's time to tell the story of Irmin , a boy that lives in Mercury. With red body and saci's appearance, he's known as confusion king. With his kind personality and his pranks, Irmin can enchant and conquer all people.

The Apple Worm learned how to value and accept itself, regardless of what others think. That's why it is saying: “I'm the man!”.

Comics with no text. The kittens were confined to the castle and could not leave their room. Through the window, they saw their friends having fun. Bored to death, they managed to escape and joined the others so everybody could have fun with a ball.

Imagine life in a beautiful ranch, with lots of space and a wonderful green. Days go by quietly, and everything you have to do is enjoy. That was the way that Buck, bred from a St. Bernard and a Collie, lived – until being dognapped by avid gold miners. Ready to do anything to get rich, these merciless gold miners went to Alaska, where the gold fever was threatening to melt the ice. At the trunk, Buck was still imprisoned, with no choice, but was about to reveal itself – for surprise of the ruffians – much more than just a handsome, imposive dog.

Fabrício loves playing guitar and, talking to his grandmother about soirées of her youth, the boy gets excited with the idea. He and his friends get together to sing, play, read poems and parts of books, every Saturday in a different house located on Rua das Amoreiras. Meetings attract all the neighborhood, the young ones become famous, and the houses are too small for so many people. In very jovial language, the author addresses issues such as the appreciation of culture, bullying, sexuality and the discovery of first love.

Louise was always very curious and anxious to know the reasons for everything. She was excited about a career fair at school, and everyone was thrilled with having the chance to talk with professionals working in fields they were interested in. Louise

Rio de Janeiro, 19th century. If this scenario makes you think of kings, princesses and trolleys, get ready to go deep into adifferent portrait of Brazilian society at that time,with numerous characters that, together, representnot only social ills, but show how far human vileness is able to reach.

This book presents a new point of view to Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem. The unpublished translation made by Luiz Antonio Aguiar, in blank verse, and his comments combine with mastery to the contemporary interpretation of the illustrator Ryan Price. In this unexpected meeting we can see the suspense and the accurate composition of Poe's characteristics.

This is a story about a ambitious and frivolous princess who rejected the gifts from a valuable, lovely, instructed and brave prince who was under the disguise of a pigkeeper.

No one could play with Michael, that's why he was very sad. It seemed like life wasn't fun anymore. Not even the colorful books could amuse Michael. His aunt had to think about something for him to play in the bathtub, to make him feel better.

Nowadays, the name Sherlock Holmes is a synonym for "detective". And, since life seems to really imitates art, the immortal creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle continues to catch the interest of young people and adults in such a way that the fictional address - 221B, Baker Street - is the museum of the famous detective, attracting visitors from all around the world. "Silver Blaze", "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box" and "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott" are some of the adventures of this book.

Two children are mailed with mysterious letters. Those letters always contained a small piece of a song or poem that mentions the beauties of Brazil. Curious to learn more, the children decide to research on the Internet, venturing and discovering that the Brazilian culture is rich and originated from several nations.

Tea is a spoiled and curious kitten. One day, Tea was spying what was for dinner, tipped up and... fell into soup pot. The alphabet soup was so yummy that the cat ate it all up. Sylvia's mother told him off and instead of meowing of shame, Tea ... spoke! Hence everyone understood that the binge had turned into a talking cat. There was only one strange thing in his speech... What is it?

The Cat, the Pig and the Rubbish is a fable with no text that presents waste recycle as the main theme of the book. Curious and easy to understand scenes captivate children from kindergarten age and those of the first years of elementary school.

The twins Lelê and Trix are attached to plastic bottles and aluminum cans in a garbage dump. They must escape that place and prevent the Monstrous Waste Giant from opening the trapdoor that connects the Filthy World to Earth, attempting to plunge our planet in chaos.

Rodrigo is a special boy: he likes soccer, but he has a physical disability. Yet, he is very good at chess and due to this ability, he could help his school team to reach the soccer championship final. That would be a special day for him. In the past, he was lonely in his wheelchair, playing chess during the break time, and now, he is included in the school group and is known by his abilities.

A love declaration to the aunts. Ziraldo honors this character that influences children a lot. The book is divided in three parts, each one is corresponding to one of the other three titles already edited: Straight-A Aunt, I Love You My Aunt and Many Aunts The first part is a student that gets along very well with a teacher at school. In the second part, the author transforms the teacher into a friend of childhood times and in the third one the author writes to the whole family: grandparents, father,mother and, of course, to the teachers

The house was abandoned. Sad, morbid, empty, standing still. One morning, Nina returns home from school and it was as if the house were awakened from a deep sleep. Men working, repairing, fixing. Leaving the house as it was... in the past.

Pedro Paulo was a small, thin boy and very nice person. At school, everybody liked him and used to call him Pepê. He was always joyful and happy. He only used to get mad and upset when he witnessed something unfair, coward, like the neighbor's big dog running after the street’s cat. But, after coming across a flying saucer, everything changes in Pepe’s and his friends’ life, because he started being transformed into a fabulous hero: the Amazing Popcorn Boy!

Shaila, Peter and Cadu live in São Paulo and study at the imposing and classic Casmurro College, located in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood. Miss Esperidiana, the dreaded principal, wants to reestablish The Sinister, the school newspaper which stopped being published about thirty years before and selects the three as the new editors and writers. The routine is broken as they discover the former editors were not just journalists, but also the Sinisters. The Invisible Bloddsucker is the first story to be published by the new Publishers.

A humble and brave soldier returned home from war, marching down the road, when he met a hideous witch. She promised to grant him wealth in exchange for a favor: to climb into a hollow tree to retrieve a magic tinderbox which belonged to her grandmother. Besides the tinderbox, he found also chests full of coins and magic dogs. He loads his pockets and runs with the tinderbox. By reaching the city, he mets a princess and, aided by the tinderbox and the dogs, he fights for her beloved.

Charlie was the knee of a boy that would jump, run, swim, stumble, fall... Charlie used to be all hurt, that's true, but he lived many cheerful and happy moments.

Collection of stories of the master of thriller and creator of one of literature's most famous detective - Sherlock Holmes - and his faithful companion - the dr. Watson. The seven stories are: "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton", "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons", "The Adventure of the Three Students", "The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez", "The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter", "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange" and "The Adventure of the Second Stain".

Can you imagine how fun it would be to mix animals with objects and create whole new thing? What would it be like to mix a chicken with jaguar? If your answer was "chikenguar", you're right! This creative game motivates imagination, stimulating the reading and

The creative games of the books of Confusion reached the Brazilian folklore. It is really scary to mix boto (an enchanted dolphin) with caipora (a jungle spirit that lived in trees), or werewolf with curupira (a (male) jungle genie that protects the animals and the trees of the forests)! Besides meeting these characters and many others from Brazilian folklore, the children's creativity and

And the topsy-turvy situations go on. Ilan and Fê mix characters from the fairy tales and create a new, fun and creative story Children learn how fun it is to know how to write and read.

Do you know what do pictographic writing and ideographic writing mean? Which people had the first well coded writing? What does the modern world need writing for? From a privilege, the language transforms itself in necessity and right of all.

Get to know the history of our alphabet since its invention, more than 3,000 years ago. Which were the transformations occurred until it got to the final shape of the letters we use? How did the vowels and consonants appear? Which peoples have the same alphabet as ours?

Why isn't there a unique language shared between all peoples in the world? How did languages appear? What did people talk first? Which are the most spoken languages? How many languages are there nowadays and how many did exist throughout the world? Wars served as a tool for the dissemination of languages, and some words are used all over the world.

Inks were well-known before writing. So, what were they used for? Where were they extracted from? Whom is the first ink formula, called Nankeen, accredited to? Which are the two basic colors used by the Egyptians? What are "invisible inks"?

Gaia is a twelve years old girl, addicted to recycling, who hates to see garbage pilling up on every corner of our world. After all, all this garbage is not really garbage: it can and must be recycled! Together with her friend, a

In the style of "Alice in Wonderland", Lisa, the protagonist, finds two strange boys in the school library. They seem interested in the mysterious disappearance of the book that the librarian was writing... Fantasy and adventure

What was the first pencil used by mankind? Get to know the history of this object, as far back as the use of thumbs, pieces of wood, bones, rocks shards and coal up to the present day. How did the stylus appear and what was it used for? Man invented the brush, the ink and then the pen. What was the shape of the first pencils that appeared in the sixteenth century? How did the evolution of the pen occur?

Let's make a deal: it is very cool to have freedom, do what you like, say what you think. But the people exaggerates sometimes. Sometimes one has to say NO. It's also necessary to learn how to hear NO. That's why, the Nutty Boy dedicates this book to those that are not afraid of telling NO and also to those that are not afraid of hearing NO. If I were you, I would NOT forget to read this book.

Which was invented first: paper or writing? Where did the term "sheet of paper" come from? Which materials can be used to produce paper? The Chinese discovered the secret of paper in the eighth century, which only came to Europe 4 four centuries later.

Throughout life there are lots of people telling boys and girls what NOT to do. There should be someone to show there are cool things to be done and they should be done. People who say YES! Like the Nutty Boy, that is always thinking of having fun making what is good. What is he preparing inside that pan over his head? Good ideas for sure. It's worthy finding out.

Animals have sophisticated forms of communication. What about mankind? What's the importance of gestures for the deaf-mute? Do colors speak? What about clothes? What are crests? What about track signs? What do we use sound and luminous signs for? What are the universal signs?

At this story, the wonderful Bad Wolf – that villain, which boys and girls love to hate – gives way to a new character. The new team of young readers will enjoy meeting him, through an intelligent dialog between text and illustration.

He was two meters and eighty five centimeters tall and was a dwarf. Without a doubt, the biggest dwarf in the world. Julius was the name of our dwarf. Although he was a shy and modest person, he was a dreamer and was proud of his condition. Some people find him attractive, others said that it's just a matter of taste.

What is the greatest treasure of mankind? And where is it? Carrying a map, Arthur and Alice are in pursuit of that valuable treasure, however, they are going to need the help of Doutor Invento, because he is the only person that can help them with that complex mission. This enigmatic scientific adventure shows the origin of water and life on Earth and warns on the importance of preserving water for the future of mankind.

The chronic of Luis Pimentel is a look at the everyday life: Inquirer, critical and perplex, without losing the humor and gentleness. Great poet of the everyday life, the Bahian author living in Rio de Janeiro presents tales about great characters of our culture, such as Ziraldo, Vinícius de Moraes and Graciliano Ramos.

In the bustling London of the nineteenth century, what is the secret relationship between Dr. Henry Jekyll, a successful doctor, generous, elegant and polite, and Mr. Hyde, a disgusting and hideous man? That's what a lawyer named Mr. Utterson will try to figure out in this story of mystery and horror, one of the great classics of the worldwide literature history.

Who would not want to be friends with an ET? Sonia became friends with Xuxu, an extraterrestrial who wanted to give her a fabulous gift from his planet.

Ziraldo creates an amazing story, in the middle of solar system, where nothingness and emptiness give way to games, somersaults and everything that is eternal like friendship. In the book The Moon Boy, Ziraldo gives life to a team composed by nine boys

What will our planet future be like if people do notrespect the world in which they live? Will we need to find another world to live? These are matters that children and adultshear and think of every day. The Earth Boy is a book that talks about a

Having collage of two artists as background, the German painter Rugendas, that portrayed Brazil in XIX century, and the illustrator Percy Lau, of 1950's, the grandfather, affectionate and nutty as well, proudly makes the grandson a rescueof history facts in this touching and poetic narrative. Ziraldo, after creating a great Brazilian family from The Nutty Boy, passing through aunts and grandmothers in Vovó Delícia, now is recreated as this grandfather figure when living with grandchildren and conquering Brazilian people of all ages.

The morning breeze, kissing the cheeks of the boy that was born,was saying: “This is the cutest boy in the world”. Everybody said the same: the Sun, the flower, the sea. He got used to it. He grew up, and became a man. With autumn, a sense of emptiness, pain came inside the heart. It was when he heard the most beautiful sound in the world. He opened his eyes and saw the most lovely sight of all his life. Humankind creation is revisited in this book.

A little naughty boy, people used to say. He had little monkeys in the attic, making a mess. A little angel, a saci? He was the joy in the house, leading the kids. He would flirt with girls, make romantic verses, compose songs, create games. He was smart, a buddy. “Nutty Boy”, people would say smiling. But he wasn't! Just later it was discovered that he had been a very much loved little boy and, because of this, he was very happy.

This is the story of a brown boy, but it also has the life of a pink boy. They are two inveterate questionerswho want to discover the mysteries of the colors together. “Who said black is the opposite of white?”.“If one of us is brown and the other is not exactly white, why are we called black and white?" There are many questions, and there will be many discoveries.

THE COMIC BOY He was called "The Comic Boy" because it was said that he was stuck inside comics. But that wasn't the truth. He had lots of friends, all international and national heroes, that populated his colorful world. Then, one day, he wakes up scared, in a forest without colors. He finds out that he was out of his comics. He stumbles upon letters, periods, wordsthat shuffle and confuse him at first, butslowly, he understands.

Michael was feeling invisible for his parents. it seemed like no one cared about him. All he heard the whole day was "Come here, quiet, move, let's go", that anyone could think they were talking to a dog. Thinking about this, Michael decided to rebel and started barking,

Why does that boy want to be a cellphone? Is it because his father speaks more over the cellphone than with him? Is it because his mother speaks more over the cellphone with her friends than with him? Is it because of all this? Yes, it is. When a seven years old boy wishes to turn into a plastic device with batteries and metal, instead of being a boy of flesh and bone, surely there is something wrong at his home.

It has already been said that the Nutt Boy is not one, they are several. And that he is everywhere. Countless mothers have assured me that they have the real nutty boy at home. Therefore, you naturally will not be surprised when I tell you that, in this collection, we find the Nutty Boy with five, ten and thirty years old.

Veve is one of the fast boys of Venus, a planet that revolves around the sun very quickly. The time on this planet is a mystery, and what happens today may have already happened, or perhaps it's still going to happen. Like other boys of Venus, Veve has a mission: hit people with his arrows and provoke glance encounters, the heart beating and bonding of souls through love.

A boy, new at school, was suffering with the aggressiveness of older colleagues. How would he solve this situation? The boy liked to study, but going to school was a nightmare... Follow his struggle as he tries to attend to his classes with

This thrilling adventure tells the story of Robinho, whoreceives in his room a carrier pigeon with a call for help sent by his friend Carol. He tries to help her. Upon finding her as hostage of her stepfather and locked in a mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Robinho

Zeze is a poor boy, 6 years old, intelligent and sensitive. In need of affection he can't find with his family, he goes to the streets doing a thousand pranks. He learns everything alone and invents a fantasy world for himself in which his great confidant is Xururuca, the sweet orange tree.

John's classmates and sister called him a wimp and a coward. When he meets a group of real monsters that live in the ghost train of the amusement park, they all become his best friends. However, the park is in danger of becoming a big parking lot. John will live a lot of adventures to help his friends.

In this book, there are six stories with the brilliant Sherlock Holmes: "A Scandal in Bohemia", "The Adventure of the Red-Headed League", "A Case of Identity", "The Boscombe Valley Mystery", "The Five Orange Pips" and "The Man with the Twisted Lip".

While collecting seashells on the beach, the brothers Elisa and Cecéu found... a beautiful mermaid! But the poor mermaid was pale, seemed to be sick, she told the children that a scaring monster attacked the seabed and was killing all marine life! The

Peter and Michael moved to a new house with their family. When they went to bed, mom gave them a kiss goodnight, turned off the light, left the room and closed the door. Mom had just left when she heard Peter shout: "It's a monster! There is a monster in my bedroom!". Mom

Sometimes feeling scared is quite funny. But usually it makes us stay up all night, hear cries or laughs throughout house and run to our parents' room. Fatima also heard and saw strange things in the bedroom, in the bathroom, under the bed... And she was so afraid that she bit her nails. Tired of it, Fatima managed to get rid of her fears with the help of Infallible Tricks Guide to Scare Fear, gift given by her great-great grandmother.

At last it is possible to venture into Brazilian and Cape Verdean soils at the same time. If the world still has boundaries, they are no longer so clear. Whoever reads the book by Paulo Rafael will have a pleasant surprise: being in touch with all good tones of children literature. Imagination at the fulliest!

This book is the result of a partnership between Editora Melhoramentos and Laboratório Educativo Hopi Hari. Paulo Renato, the Rep, has the habit of mixing the name of things, but he does not realize that mixing is part of life and that, by mixing,

As the main representative of the Condorism poetry in Brazil, Castro Alves uses an eloquent and great language to denounce the horrors of slavery and fight for freedom of the slaves. In this collection, "The Slaveship" is a highlight, epic-dramatic poem that tells the trafficking of black people brought from Africa to work as slaves in the country.

Badu is an African girl born princess, but has her tribe decimated because of a huge diamond that was found in those lands. The story follows her quest, since she is separated from her mother and father to become queen of the Quilombo do Encantado. B

Peter the painter lives alone in the city of São Paulo and usually visits the Republic Square. One day he finds there a hidden palace, surrounded by exotic gardens and symbols of Eastern culture. Peter recreates in his atelier the landscapes and elements of the world of mystery present in his dreams.

Juliana and Lily won a bird that just came out of the nest. They named him Rafa. Rafa's world was his cage, until the day he decided to explore the world and find out what was beyond the wall, at the top of the trees, and discover the meaning of freedom.

Michele lives in a grotesque, ashy and arid city, but, suddenly, a visitor shows up: a bird of a thousand colors that changes everything and fills her life with dreams.

This children's classic is the story of a duckling that was always in the wrong place; he is considered ugly, different and he's shut out by the others and is always trying to adapt until the day he finds his own identity, his gifts and qualities and is able to live happy.

A man was sent into space towards a small planet that, which is so far that the fuel was all spent as soon as the rocket reached its destination. The man, totally alone, cried for help and, incredibly, the whole earth heard his request.

A fisherman navigates between the rivers Niger, Orange, Nile and Lake Nakuru, traveling to the four corners of Africa. And, while sailing, he collects stories, discovers ethnicities, finds characters of the local oral narrative and listens to proverbs. Endless details of a way of seeing life, and he keeps going seeing the culture, customs and beliefs of different regions divided by the rivers.

This book is a fable without text on the rational use of electric power. The side by side introduction of the characters highlights the difference in behavior regarding energy consumption, making the understanding of the story easier by children.

A bug so tiny that couldn't be seen not evenwith a magnifying glass. It wanted to know something more besides its boring lilac planet. He built a spacecraft and went on an adventure full of surprises. He found out that, while anxious to discover the universe, he went on the journey without looking back, with no idea about how the place he lived was.

Anna is a nine-year-old girl who lives with her family in Germany during World War II. Although they are not Jewish, her father realizes that the situation can get complicated for any person who is in the country, and an opportunity appears: an uncle of hers dies in Canada, leaving an inheritance and a house for the family, which moves to there. Anna is not aware, but a physician, a teacher and a group of children with special needs are about to chanhe her (and her parents') lives

The bourgeois marriage of George and Louise begins to be threatened when George travels to work and Louise is visited by Basilio, her cousin and former flame. The young wife quickly surrenders to the charms of her seductive cousin, and they become lovers. However, her maid discovers the adultery from a letter. Since then, an intense plot begins, filled with secrets, blackmails and surprises.

The queen really wanted to have a child. When she gave birth, something quite strange happened: the prince was not a boy, but a bird guan. The queen always cut the feathers of the prince's wings, so that he could never flee. Over the years, however, the Queen became distracted, the feathers of the prince grew, and he flew away, willing to find a solution to his bird-like condition. To become human, the Prince will have to make a pilgrimage and meet various characters from Brazilian folklore.

The Most Beautiful Painting of the World is a recreation of the artistic life of John Miró through an imaginary trip that the painter ventures on looking for five ink stains that escaped his studio. Miguel Obiols writes a text filled with a surrealistic tone and very poetic, full of imagination, creating a beautiful metaphor of Miró's art. While plays with the impact of colors, the illustrator Roger Olmos honors, in a very fun way, the Catalan painter.

Fernando is finishing high school and doesn't know if he should try his luck in volleyball or pursue a more traditional career. To further complicate things, he falls in love with a top model that is in his class. This book addresses in an entertaining manner

Billy Whitestone can't believe his ears when the editor of the school newspaper tells him he was chosen to interview the renowned scientist. The story of this magical meeting introduces young readers to the life and legacy of the scientist

The conscious mouse and his gang are concerned about a very serious subject: the consumption of drugs. Teacher Helena explains everything to the gang with clarity and tranquility.

Set in Scotland, this story is full of adventures elapsed in majestic scenery, where the Nature exuberance joins the still alive strength of traditions and mythology. Through these qualities, combined with a fine irony, the author satirizes ideas and behaviors, offering readers passages of great humor.

The brave Thunderbolt, a boy from the Brazilian Northeast, heard about a girl of temper who lived in the Southeast. He decided to have it out with this toothy "Angry Girl". The story told in cordel literature verses with beautiful illustrations in woddcut prints.

Nib is a mouse who lives deep beneath the city, in a subway station. During the day the trains are very noisy. At night, the older mice tell stories about the mythical land known as Tunnel's End, where the air is sweet and pleasant, the grass

The little mouse was saddened by loneliness. He then dove himself into the romantic heart he had gnawed. Reflected, Planned, Clipped. Folded the paper. The house was perfect. Ready to welcome his girlfriend.

The Little mouse discovers what colors are. Paints, crayons, paintbrushes. First red, then blue, green, yellow... He mixed everything and the results were beautiful.

The mouse wants to know better the book where he lives. Gnawing, he shapes letters. While having fun, he discovers the alphabet: vowels, consonants, uppercase, lowercase.

The wind blew violently, but the mouse was not scared. He used his head and creativity to fly using a pinwheel.

When the mouse clipped number 1, a new friend appeared. When he clipped number 2, another mouse appeared to keep him company. And so the book continued to be populated.

Two mice present themselves. Each one opens his door with his sharp teeth. On the left, there is the white one. On the right, the black one. Several examples will be shown in order to create the concept of opposites.

A curious mouse decides to investigate what is beyond the white pages of a book. And, by gnawing the pages, he discovers a new and colorful world.

Peter, an orphan with no father and mother, takes care of five siblings supporting them by fishing in a great river, which represents everything to him. But the river seems to be sick, its banks no longer have so many flowers, the soil is sandy, and the fishes are rare to come by. Peter respects the

Pedro Bandeira tells the story of Dedeco, a dedicated truck. For him, there was no run that could not be faced. But he was getting old, his engine was malfunctioning and everyone was saying that he was useless. Poor truck! What will happen to him?

There were people who lived in a very happy and peaceful kingdom, ruled by a king that was also happy and peaceful. The little king talked directly to his subjects, evaluating their needs and desires. But, on a whim of his ministers, the beloved king is removed from his subjects and taken to a far away castle.

Charismatic and cunning, Sherlock Holmes did the scientific method and deductive logic his best weapons. "The Adventure of the Resident Patient" and "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" are some of the Holmes adventures in this issue.

In their beds, in every burrow, cubs are reading storybooks: about dragons that spit fire, witches doing wickedness, pirates crossing the seven seas, delicate princesses... Then, suddenly, all the storybooks begin to disappear. A little bunny, very brave, take on to solve the mystery.

Six adventures with Sherlock Holmes, the most famous English detective: "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle", "The Adventure of the Speckled Band", "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb", "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor", "The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet" and "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches".

In a world created by teenagers among gossips, jealousy, notes and secret codes, the agendas of Carol, Flavinha and Juliana are stolen, causing disruption and fear in and out the classroom. The search for the agendas coincides with the

A long time ago, in the beautiful gardens of the Chinese imperial palace, lived a nightingale. All who listened to his wonderful singing were filled with joy and worked happier. Sages and travelers wrote about the beauties of the palace, and one of them wrote a book on the nightingale tweet. By reading the book, the emperor order the bird to be brought to his presence. The bird accepted to live in the palace and to tweet everynight until the emperor fell asleep.

A little toad, moved by the desire for adventures, leaves the bottom of the well where he lives in to explore the world. He finds out that the most precious good is not what we have, but who we are.

Lucinha and Paulinho went on a vacation with uncle Henrique, archeologist, that works at Ilha do Marajó. Fascinated, they follow the archaeological work and get involved in a dangerous adventure in the search for the Enuya treasure.

A strange brotherhood, murders that apparently relate, shady past. Holmes must unravel the secret of four men to reach the author of a crime.

Hush, silence! What, silence? Will it be possible to find it, even in a very noisy city like São Paulo? But wait, do we find the silence, or do we create it? In simple and fun verses, find the silence within many situations a big city inhabitant can't even imagine.

This is the touching story of a little tin soldier in love for a paper ballerina. The little soldier's Courage and sense of duty go hand in hand with the resolution of searching for his life's goal: true love.

A very different Santa Claus brings very special gifts inside his bag of toys. Felício, the mouse, decides to give to his friends precious but often forgotten feelings like love, affection, warmth, beauty and courage... A book that recreates in poetry and illustrations the magic of Christmas and its true meaning.

Historical romance that happens in a bus during a trip from Rio to Recife in Olinda city, including its carnival, Galo da Madrugada, its beautiful architecture, pleasant hillsides, food, smells, conversations, stories and folklore. Thiago is the young traveller who happened to get involved in a mysterious plot on a treasure hidden since the dutch invasion.

In His Last Bow, the detective, so inimitable and always accompanied by dr. Watson, resolves seven very peculiar cases, ranging from kidnapping andmurder to theft and betrayal.

The Tragedy of Birlstone and "The Trapping of Birdy Edwards" are some of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the famous English detective, found in this work.

A thirteen year old boy, physically disabled and of poor health, struggles to overcome the difficulties, sailing seas of fantasy, transforming inanimate beings into the friends he doesn't have.

A huge Carranca (a type of scowl figurehead attached to river craft) was found in the river by Master Belo, and old oarsman from São Francisco's water. One day, drops of water, as if they were tears, started to run from the mysterious find. The news about the miracle soon was spread and attracted masses of people

The odyssey – the great adventure of Odysseus – it's not just the biggest and oldest of all adventures aclimated at the seas, but one of the richest of which became the Western culture. After ten painful and bloody years from the Trojan War, Ulysses (which name in latin is Ulixes and in Greek is Odysseus) takes another ten years to return home, the Island of Ithaca, facing the opposition of gods, monsters and fantastic creatures, in his cross from the northwest of nowadays Turkey, where Troy sits, until its island, at the Greek's west coast.

England, 19th century. Oliver Twist was born in a very cold and anything but promising night. His mother passed away right after his birth, and had no idea of who was his father. Orphan and poor, the boy went through every kind of deprivation, even being sold to a gravedigger.

Pete and his fiend Ferdie were always together. Until the day they met Lucas. Since then, Ferdie would rather play with his new friend. Pete was now feeling lonely at the break time, so he decided to call other children to play soccer with him.

Based on the tale Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm. A donkey, a dog, a rooster and a cat flee their homes. They were being maltreated by their owners. The donkey learned about a town called Orchestra Land and wants to go there to become a musician. The other animals decide to go with him.

Where is the head of Tiradentes? After being hang, the ensign had his body quartered and the members spread over the Estada Real. His head stood nailed in a post at Vila Rica, mas ended up disappearing. The mystery remains even after more than two hundred years. The author created a work of fiction mixing the true story, involving some characters as the poet Claudio Manual da Costa and Aleijadinho, telling about some parts of this great artist and his son. Young Manuel lives a beautiful love story with his friend Joana.

The work explores the imagination of children. It reveals the hidden wills and hobbies of animals, that can only be unfolded at the time when everybody is sleeping. Fabiano Onça plays with delightful verses that unfold the nightlife of

In a faraway land, there lived a widowed king who had eleven sons and one daughter, named Elisa. Despite the company of his dear children, the king felt lonely and decided to remarry. His new wife was wicked and set out to separate the king from his children. She charmed the princes and sent Elisa far away from the kingdm. As she became fifteen and returned, she had to find a way to break the spell and bring her brothers back.

This anthology of fourteen stories was co-edited under sponsorship of Unesco/Cerlalc and tells, in the first part, the Indigenous legends and myths, its natural elements and how food, fire, and the mountains were formed. In the second part, magic animals and

Five finger in each hand Each finger has a name, a funny nickname to reveal. Each finger has a dream and, if both hands get together in a fraternal gathering, the ten good friends will make a great discovery.

Shaila, Peter and Cadu are on school vacations. After the mess then went through in the book The Invisible Bloodsucker, now they want to rest and, mainly, stay away from trouble. But for The Sinisters, where there is a will, there is not a way. Peter goes to his uncle's place in Porto Alegre and becomes aware of an unusual local legend involving a church, a slave and an emerald stealing. He decides on bringing his friends to help him to solve the case.

Boy Tião was practically adopted by Dado, an elderly man who became his best friend. Inseparable, they are about to go on vacation when several black cats appear mysteriously as if something wrong was going to happen.

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry, adopted by many Brazilian poets fascinated by its delicacy. Paul Leminski, Mario Quintana, Alice Ruiz and Millôr Fernandes, among others, are some of these authors. Through only three short verses, it can touch us such as when we contemplate a Japanese drawing. Talking to children with the subtlety of Japanese verse is what Ziraldo focuses in this collection of hai-kais full of humor, sweetness and discoveries.

In one side, men; in another, Gods of Olympus. Prepare yourself to live a turbulent and surprising adventure in high seas, onboard of Vasco da Gama's armada on route to india. This edition features integrally the ten chants of The Lusiads - epic that

Martians boys and girls love visiting Earth planet. They like to rest on green grass, looking at bright white clouds. And someday one of them sleep on cabbages plantation and wake up... As an earthling baby! Have you heard

The poet Humberto Ak’abal and the stories teller Ziraldo write about the same thing: childhood of earthy-color boy, one in Guatemala, the other one in Brazil. When white man arrived, he found boys with that skin color; then, descendants of Africans, Arabs, Asians and manyothers came, and everybody meld into one people.

Jean Valjean is a young workman, who has difficulty in surviving within the social rules of a distant time from the reader – transition from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. This adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel can be the starting point for discussions about human dignity, need of social rules, violence, prison, prejudice, reintegration of ex-offenders into society etc.

Three boys, Dudu, Tico-Tico and Tiaozino, searching for the donkey named Maracuja, moves away from the small ranch where they live and meet, in the woods, Taquara-Poca, the folk figure of Curupira. The boys learn a lot with the protector of the wild regarding the florest, its importance, its trees, its animals protected by Anhangá and the massive destruction caused by fires.

In the seventeenth century France, the musketeers were courageous swashbucklers that were part of the King and Queen's guard. At this adventure they faced powerful enemies in a plot that aimed to the demoralization of the Queen. "one for all and all for one" is the motto that united and immortalized the musketeers.

In the kingdom of Mirador, everyone feared the name: Fire Mouth! King Minos strongly encouraged this fear: ''Someday the animal will come to eat your children" However, instead of watching night and day, many people wish they could think of something else... Suddenly, on a beautiful morning, three musicians arrived at the city. Based on Pablo Picasso's "The Three Musicians".

Coelha worked her entire life and raised three daughters. Her dream was to retire, build a house for each daughter and then travel around the world. To accomplish it, she has gathered three hundred golden coins and has hidden them at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, Lô Bomau discovered her hiding place and stole all the coins. As Coelha could not prove anything, she decided to devise a plan to recover the coins.

The Ziskisitos gang was grounded after another of their latest adventure in search of the stolen painting. This time, when get to school, a friend asks them to help unravel the mystery of the haunted house. Once again, our friends will get in trouble!

The so-called "Horror Night" has arrived, and Jaque and her friends decided to go to the amusement park at night to enjoy with the older teenagers. But it seems that the Ziskisitos were smelling something weird in the air. They hear a talk that

The old Nutty Boy is the Boy of the Millennium And the Millennium Boy are all the children in Brazil and in the world that, according to the time they are reading the book, they watch, had watched or will watch a millenium finishing and another one starting. A privilege that will be repeated with the child in ten thousand years.

Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to completely fill his castle without leaving any empty space. He would reward anyone who could do that. After several attempts, John, the Baker, finally arrived with an interesting proposal...

Reggie lived peacefully in the Pantanal wetlands, on the branch of a tree, where he built his nest. Until the day a quite strange animal arrived. And the parrot found out that this animal was called man. The wilderness becomes a farm, and Reggie has to adapt to the new reality.

Pedro is a typical teenager: questioner, full of doubts and... difficulty with girls. Talking to his friends, he discovers that they have a very different origin, culture and also religion. Pedro is afflicted when discovers his own origins and begin

A ripped bag full of old shoes in a garbage deposit, each one with a story to tell. Have you already thought that we may learn from them? The military boot, the delicateslippers, a pair of tennis, the boot, the bare-foot onesFinally, much about citizenship, solidarity, values ??and positive attitudes.

The Guava Tree is a simple, fun story to be read aloud, experiencing the words. Oh, how sweet are the first reading experiences!

Members of a group that combines perfectly, Peter, Camila, Daniel, Louis and Mauro skip a class and go to the Physics lab. They mess up with the devices, and Oeter transforms into the first limper and luminous skeleton in the world.

Every Sunday Peter used to go to the grocery store to buy some soda for lunch. But every now and then a boy who was bigger than Peter showed up to tear away the bag from his hands. The situation got even worse when another bully boy appeared to take Peter's soda away.

Pellegrino was an artist who wanted to be a dancer, he would always think of movements, music and applause. Petronio was athletic, he dreamed of soccer, dribbles, ball and goal. Two such different dreams brought a pair of feet together. How to solve this problem?

With sensitive intelligence, characteristic of poets, even when writing prose, Angela Leite de Souza retells the story of a young Chinese hero. Reading a close account of the reality that inspired it, we witness the frightening consequences of an inevitable natural disaster. The boy Xiao Li, in such a short name, is taken to act in a big way to decide to help those who are in the same situation as him.

Camila, brazilian musician, go on vacation to the house of her cousin Spiro, at the Greek island of Crete. She starts giving lessons for children in a mysterious castle. With no intentions, Camila gets involved in a terrorist plot, having her life at risk.

Percy John Allen is a seventeen year-old teenager apparently common. He moves with his mother to a small town in Athenia and is very annoyed for being away from his life in New Jersey. He doesn't know, but soon he will live an adventure series in the mythical world of ancient Greece.

A dragon threatens to burn down the forest where elves live. Everyone is in panic, but the brave Pirilim, helped by his friend, the river, discovers that this dragon is nothing but a human being without personal and social values. An ecological fable that contributes to

A group of students develops a research project about the Inconfidencia Mineira. The project's goal is to study the democratic ideals of America and has the support of a north-american instructor. During the the story, that past and present, the fiction and reality interlace, because Juliano and Beatriz discover that their personal stories are connected to the ones of the heroes and martyrs of the Inconfidencia.

This book is a collection of poems of authors from many countries in Latin America. Through sensitivity and beauty, it enables the child to learn a new way of perceiving the world. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela are represented here, providing the best of poetry to our readers.

Arisen in France to oppose excessive sentimentality of Romantic authors, Parnassianism excels in the vocabulary preciousness, the impersonality and the objectivity. The Parnassian work of Olavo Bilac is also marked by patriotism, sensuality, classical & mythological references and the metric perfectionism traces make him known as one of the greatest names in Brazilian Parnassian. With beautiful illustrations, the book also presents a supplementary section called "Information kit", which may help further understanding of the historical and literary period in which the work was composed.

In this poetic, Brazilian and carioca story, the award-winningwriter Ana Maria Machado doesn't write just about samba and soccerbut about people from different social classes who learn more about themselves and do together what doesn't depend on social status. It's about two boys: "A boy from the top. Of the hill. Another boy from the top. Of the building". Interacting, exchanging,both will enjoy kid things: flying a kite, rap, samba, internet,guitar, surfing and skateboarding. Adults are still friends, united in a divided city.

This fun book portrays the concern of parents with the appropriate behavior of children before the visits. They did not anticipate the bad example of the clumsy Barbosa family.

The young muleteer Tonico and his loyal friend Perova went on the search of the Martírios, a mysterious ridge lost in the confines of the backcountry of Brazil, a place where, people say, gold springs from the ground. Jungle Prisoners is the second part of the trilogy Roteiro dos Martírios, which leads us to an unknown and full of mysteries country, a time when every trail led to adventures.

Ruth Rocha broaches with perfection and fascinating language the first feelings and emotions of children when they discover their second home: the school. Little by little, Michael gets used to the environment, plays with his new friends and surrenders to this new experience. In the

The four tales on this book follow the cycle of the seasons of the year. In each, you will feel the cold, the wind, the smell or the heat of each season; and will also shiver with fear, since all the stories are full of suspense. They bring miste

The four tales on this book follow the cycle of the seasons of the year. You will feel the cold, the wind, the smell or the warmth of each season in each story; you will also shiver in fear as all stories are heavily laced with mysteries and suspense. The stories

The Nutty Baby blew the first candle and traveled through time. He discovered Summer, Autumn, Winter and loved the Spring. He goes to amusement parks with his dad and sees a bunch of rides. Another year has passed, and another starts!

Bruna has a lot of questions to ask: Who is God, what does He look like, where does He lives? The girl's mother will explain, in an affectionate and respectful way, that God is the creator of the universe, that He looks like all the people and that He lives ineverything that carries life. And....

A beautiful story to tell to children! Raposo woke up early and realized that something was not right. He did not use to walk around during the day, he only used to go out at night to walk and hunt. But the other animals were all passing by him, in couples,

A mouse in love is searching for a great love. Unlike other mice, who run around looking for food, he sings to the Moon and proposes to her. She refuses and introduces him to a cloud who is always before her. Seeing the pretty cloud, the mouse proposes to tie the knot, but the cloud turns him down. In hope, the mouse goes after her beloved one.

This intelligent and fun book pleases kids from different age ranges, mainly those "who hate vegetables and are fussy", as the author said. With nutritious and fun recipes, the book helps children to eat better, balancing their diet.

The discovery of a giant egg in the yard and the arrival of a dinosaur from the interior of it, scared Belinha and Fred. In addition, the baby dinosaur owns magical powers: it is capable of recycling everything. Reciclino deals with waste and its recycling in a fun way.

Luke's world collapses when his mother passes out in the hospital she works as a nurse. Luke, nearly 15, and his younger bother, Jesse, who is a soccer fan, deal with problem in their own way and, as time goes by,

The author, an award winner for his works that preserve the Afro-Brazilian and indigenous culture, deals in this book with the Mar Abaixo parties popular traditions that take place in Amapá on Easter time. The old Julião takes the opportunity to gather the children

The tradition of Angolan oral poetry brings up texts that characterize the ethnic, linguistic and cultural mosaic from this Portuguese speaking African country. This collection is curious and pleasant, from the moment that shows the rich Angolan culture in special and exciting moments.

Skinny Rita used to yell all the time. She was always on a whim. She used to complain and shout for no reason. Her friends got tired of it, and went away. No one else wanted to invite Rita to play, no one else would pay attention to her. All by herself, she got sad, moody,

In England, at the time of the Crusades, the defender of the oppressed arises: Robin Hood. Together with a band of adventurers, they fight those who abuse of the power they have.

Rolim was a round navel that lived in the middle of a lovely belly and thought it was the center of the world. Rolim liked sea bathing a lot, and, when it was asked what it would be when it grew up, have you got a clue about what it said?

The famous English dramaturge William Shakespeare immortalized this story, acclimated at the Renaissance Italy. It refers the forbidden love between two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, sons of enemy families, which misunderstanding transformed into tragedy such sweet idyll.

In a full of lyricism and tender narrative, reports of two parallel worlds are included: stories of the forest, told by the canoe, and the harsh reality of the passing of Zé Orocó at the sanatorium.

When going for a walk, you must see an adorable dog that is always dancing. Her name is Cha Cha, but listen, she likes dances of all types, she can even jive. Two steps to the left and two more to the right, and everybody gets happy and cheerful and wants to dance after seeing her shaking!

Erik is a young man aware of Brazilian social problems. Because of that, he fights with Fernandão, a colleague who defends the impunity of teenagers who caused the death of the Indian Galdino in Brasília. During vacations, Érico goes to Chapada do

This edition highlights five of the more than two hundred sermons written by Father Antônio Vieira, main important representative of the Portuguese baroque prose of the seventeenth century. Controversial and scathing, Antônio Vieira makes use of rhetorical and logical sequence of ideas and concepts to criticize the despotism of Portuguese settlers, the Protestant presence in Brazil and vicious conduct of many preachers, among other topics of your time.

It's been a month since Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox have been living together, but her daughter, Ginger, is still not used to the changes: now, in addition to sharing her mother's attention with the other children, she still has to receive orders from Mr. Badger!

Mr. Badger lives in the burrow with his three children. One evening, Mrs. Fox and her little daughter house up there after being pursued by hunters. The children compete in everything, but adults get along so well that they decide to live together. Living together

Upon rising socially after receiving a large inheritance from her grandfather, the once poor and orphan Aurélia decides to marry the man who had disappointed her in the past: Fernando Seixas. For this purpose, she anonymously offers him a dowry of one hundred thousand bucks to marry her. The desire for social mobility makes him to accept the proposal, however, their marriage becomes a huge web of contempt, hate and discussions, where love, money and social prestige intertwine fiercely

After losing all the money his parents left him, Sinbad set out on a merchantman towards the Indies. Sinbad tells his travels through islands, kingdoms and mysterious East countries, conquering treasures, living fantastic adventures. The sailor always returned from his travels full of treasures, which he used to buy lands and help the poor people from Baghdad.

When we don't like what's on TV, we just press a button on the remote control and that's it. Changing what we see on the screen is easy, but ... what about what we see through the window? Is it really that simple?

How would be the acquaintanceship between an eleven-year old boy and Van Gogh, one of the greatest geniuses of painting, to whom the art became a matter of life and death? Dreams in Yellow is a fiction created by Luiz Antonio Aguiar, that has as characters Vincent Van Gogh, a spirit that was like a maze, and Camille Rouling, a boy that, between amazements and charms, paintings and dreams, have always been close to the painter during the period where he created his most famous paintings.

The magic and mysteries of Bahia serve as background for this adventure commanded by Captain Patrick Grant and his daughter Janaina in defense of sea turtles. The young man Aurélio, oceanography student, joins them in the investigation of crimes against animals and ends up getting involved in a sweet romance with Janaína.

Current and surprising, this book tells a perfect modern love story. Jenna, the protagonist, falls in love with Gabe, a boy who is charming and dark at the same time.

The life of Sundjata is sung in verse and prose until this day by the fabulous storytellers of West Africa: the "griots". To write the saga of the famous sovereign mandinga, the author was based on numerous reports and epic poems about the

Ziraldo had a great contact with his aunts and, from the memories that remained, he composed, with beauty and emotion, poems about pain and love, joy and sadness, of things he knows about them.

The childhood of Tarsila do Amaral, the most important painter of Brazil, amidst the environment that inspired much of her work: the coffee plantations of the early twentieth century. Her family, pets, favorite games – and specially

Experiencing the beauty of the colors that make up the paintings of Tarsila do Amaral is a true privilege. In Little Tarsila And The Colors, the exuberant fauna and flora depicted in paintings of the most famous Brazilian artist will awaken the child look at learning.

Knowing the geometric shapes through famous works of art is very exciting. In Little Tarsila And The Shapes, the perception of the elements which compose the paintings by modernist Tarsila do Amaral is a new way to stimulate and prepare the children's eyes.

This story is told in a poetic way. A curious tortoise finds out that there was music in her scientific name: Tortoise lyre. She goes after the origin of her name throughout history and ancient civilizations.

On the eve of the 100 years celebration ceremony of the Japanese immigration, Tatsuo contacts his ancestors and learns how important the Japanese contributions were for the establishment of our culture and economy.

Apple worm gets along with circus animals and always plays with them. Actually, he is the one that is part of circus, dancing on a tightrope every day!

Decisive moments! This is the main focus of the tales told here. The main characters are young and all of them go through new experiences. The first date, the first trip or the first kiss are situations that will entice and seduce the reader

This book tells the story of the young Plácido de Castro, a Brazilian that fought to maintain the Acre territory under the domain of our government, today State of the Union. Suffering from malaria, the protagonist recalls the fight of Brazilians against the Bolivian army, the difficulties faced by rubber tappers and the harsh of the wilderness at the Amazon rainforest

John must help his monster friends to heal a terrible disease that they contracted eating ice cream. It is not going to be easy to take them to the doctor and heal them in time before the festival of monsters begins. They are going to cause a lot of trouble at the time they decide to help John at

In a narrative written in verses, the boy tellshe called the teacher as an aunt, and she did not like it. It was when he got his first E. Every time he forgot, his grade got lower. Just after a lot of effort, the aunt that didn't want to be his aunt graded him with an A ....

The teachers deserve poems, according to the personality of each one. Ziraldo honors all teachers with wonderful analyses Teacher Fá, Cora, Dora, Titialda ... Some of them are good, others not that much ; but teacher Diva... This one redeems all the teachers in the world, because a teacheralso gets touched and does everything we want.

Fazenda das Palmas, interior de São Paulo, mid-nineteenth century. It's in this bucolic scene that unfolds a plot full of comings and goings. Prepare to know the story of four young people: Berta, Linda, Miguel and Afonso. The mood of the novel is the starting point, but when old secrets come to the surface, the wheel of fate changes the game of life, leading to a dramatic and surprising outcome.

The book tells the story of a young lady who wishes to change her name. She then starts searching for a lawyer in order to claim her rights.

Malala Yousafzai is an inspiration for everyone. The Pakistani girl was shot by the Taliban simply because she wanted to go to school. Since then, she caught the world's attention with her courage, becoming an activist in the fight for girls' rights worldwide. The book is illustrated with impressive photos of Plan International.

A small and beautiful bird from the Brazilian Cerrado (tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil) fell into a trap. Now Turf is locked in a van trunk together with other birds, and he became friend with his funny and lively misfortune mates. Will the smugglers be able to sell these beauties

The book addresses, in twenty one chapters, one of the most important figures of Africa's cultures: the griô. Presented in many books for children and young people and known by most Brazilians only as a storyteller.

The Apple Worm introduces its family: parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins. It tells its cousin is naughty, but for a very special reason it loves its aunt. She taught it a lovely word in many languages!

The Nutty Baby knows how to draw. He learns shapes, uses colors. And, he decides to investigate the drawers, exploring all his wardrobe, making other discoveries.

By drawing a line, the Apple Worm plays with geometrical figures and solids and dreams with fantastics houses and precious stones.

Pedro is a city boy, overwhelmed with extracurricular activities: English course, swimming, many things. One day, at grandmother's house, he realizes that there's time for everything, except for imagination. While his grandmother prepares a cake, he sees a golden circleat the kitchen table foot . Curious, he pulls it, and a tunnel with steps appears and he "travels" through there. He just comes back when he smelled the cake.

Laura is four years old and she is excited about her first day at school, however, at the same time, the girl and her parents are worried, because Laura has a progressive visual impairment, she has already undergone an eye operation, she wears glasses with thick lenses and a magnifying glass. This is

This book shows a day in the of a native boy in the Munduruku tribe, a Brazilian tribe: what he does during the day, how he plays with his friends, how he hunts, fishes and his relationship with the others tribe members. The book has a glossary and shows some curious things about Munduruku himself.

Written by Patrícia Secco and Tarsilinha do Amaral, the book seeks to value the individual characteristics of each young reader, showing that there is nothing more important than liking yourself, believing in your potential and following your convictions.

John and his monster friends are in a tight spot. Cerbinho, the three-headed dog, is ferociously hungry and the monsters have no money left! If the monster does not eat soon, it will start attacking people! Luckly, the Monster Rent Company received a

A bloodstained corpse with an expression of hatred and terror, a ring and the word RACHE written in blood are the starting points of one more case to Holmes and Watson.

This book tells the story of two homeless children: a boy who saved himself because of sports and a girl who saved herself because she could read. With these words, Ziraldo starts talking about his new book. Radysson was born alone with his mother. Sports-fan, as the boy grew up, the nights were filled with soccer matches. Radysson and his pal Gladyston stood out in the sport and were invited to play in a team. Their lives changed forever.

Being like everyone else, or, at least, do what others do, is what Peter wants the most. It is always like that when he comes back from a friend's home, he sees what other people have and demands to get the same. When his parents can't stand the comparisons anymore

Based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the great question of the story remains: can a man serve two masters? Ebenezer Scrooge is one of literature's greatest cold-hearted misers. A wealthy man, he despises the idea of ??charity. He exploits his employee Bob Cratchit, takes advantage of the misery of others to enrich even more. On a Christmas eve, his principles are put to the test.

Ramla and Zola are two great childhood friends. Since they were little, they used to do everything together, playing, studying and learning the true value of friendship and companionship. When they got married, they chose husbands that were brothers, so they could be neighbors. But Ramla became pregnant and gave birth to Makeba and after a few years, to Adeola. The story of two friends who almost had their friendship and complicity destroyed by jealousy and revenge.

This story is about a disabled boy who receives a story book as a gift and, along with it, his identity, his freedom, his values and positive attitude, his gifts and qualities to be useful and live happy.

By turning the TV on we would see the smile of Luiz. He smiled for millions and for nobody at the same time. One day, it realized that he smiled for everybody but nobody would smile for him. Luiz thought and found out that he could receive a kind smile from people if he changed his own way to smile.

This book is about Baby feeding. But, as he already knows how to count, he makes a point to show that he makes no mistakes and counts from zero to ten!

Valentine the Ram has a big problem: when it rains, it begins to shrink. Not even the vet knows how to treat this condition. What to do with the wool? Anything can happen! Leo, the helpful shepherd, refuses to give up. Valentine will not be disappointed. Book based on the work of Leonardo da Vinci, "Ornitopterous"

Following Alice through wonderful and fun images, the kids will get to know the magic of the Alice's whole story and her voyage towards Wonderland.

Once upon a time, there was a super-hero that had some dangerous enemies. All of them wanted to finish him, but our hero was careful and used his senses really well. By doing this, he got away of all dangers. Unfortunately, there was a sense that he hadn't developed so much: reading skill. and it caused a sad end. Because reading is more important than everything.

This is the story of the End of the World Kingdom, ruled by tirant King Woodpecker I, who spends his time pecking his subjects' head and leading an incompetent, lazy and corrupt troup. Although the King is ridiculously loved by the people, some animals are not satisfied and a rebelion idea starts to grow. Filled with several metaphors and popular expressions, this story will entertain, while raising reflection on power, government and politics.

Ziraldo had already written about the Nutty Boy,but he thought he should also explain the complexpersonality of the girls. Only after writing Star Girl, he was able to tell the story of Julieta, The Nutty Girl.

When evoking the "Nutty Teacher", the author makes the reader's eyes be full of emotion tears. Human, comprehensive, sometimes misunderstood, theNutty Teacher, more than teaching, give her studentsthe opportunity to learn with joy, and makes themalways keep a great love for reading.

Despite conquering freedom, Rafa realized that there were threatening things around him. He then wanted to depart and discover the meaning of life, with its beauties and dangers.

A friendly family of elephants cannot wait for the weekend to hit the road, escape the city and traffic madness and have a nice swim in the sea. "Let's Go, It Is Time!" tells the fun trip and the excitement to enjoy the beach and the deserved break.

Sequence of My Sweet Orange Tree, this novel is also autobiographical. In the 1930s, the boy Zeze, ten years old, lives with her adoptive parents in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and studies in a Catholic school. The boy fantasies about the existence of a cane toad, with which he talks and unburdens and creates the ideal image of a father, superimposed to the cinematic image of the actor Maurice Chevalier, with whom he talks in dreams and by whom he is beloved as a child.

Save himself and find his own identity: these are Vango's challenges. By reading this historical thriller set in the period between the two world wars, we are impelled to get away with this 19-year-old orphan boy. The narrative begins at the ceremony in which Vango would be ordained a priest at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Priest Jean's murder, his protector, triggers a chase for the boy, suspect of the crime, who embarks on a spectacular escape by climbing the Cathedral's famous stained glass windows. This scene is the beginning of the adventure the whole saga is based upon.

To find the way to the Giant Mountain and unveil its secret is the main goal of the boys from the Taquara-Poca ranch, having the company of Cabuí and his grandfather. Intermixing reality and fantasy, the author leads us to the knowledge of the usage and costu

Merging fiction, scientific information and humor, Julius Verne offers the reader another exciting novel, in which the characters are put into extreme situations, and need to give their best to overcome them.

Palace Square, Lisbon, July 1843. Liberals and conservatives compete for political power in Portugal. Dependents of England, the Portuguese embittered a large economic backwardness. In this scenario, Almeida Garrett, a precursor of the romantic movement and a card-carrying liberal, embarks on a journey to Santarém, willing to reveal the structural ills of his country, an intricate set of narratives that mixes fact and fiction to compose one of the most innovative works his time.

Psychics and Other Everyday Guesses is the second volume of the Modern Chronicles collection. They bring together twenty chronicles from Leo Cunha. Leo brings together humor and skepticism like no one else, the look that penetrates, in gaps, the text, whether by its naturally poetic texture, or by the sharpness of observation, he reveals (bit by bit) the daily life.

While narrator reveals to the reader some characteristicsof his style and what it means to be a writer, he will describehis friendship with his uncle, who was only four yearsolder. The entire plot develops while the narrator tries to reach his uncle, who was stuck on a tree, close to Gavea rock, after failing hang gliding.

In a far away land, called Laconia, a unprecedented fact took place: the queen, tired of chatterers blabbering, decreed absolute silence. Anyone who said or wrote anything would be arrested. People were only allowed to speak Javanese, but who could speak that language? The people, tired of

Ziraldo found out that grandmothers nowadays are not like those from the past, that remained sitting on a rocking chair, dressed in black, crocheting. Many of them nowadays attend gyms, dance, go to the beach, love and suffer for it.

The coexistence of a nutcase grandfather with the boy Moreira Neto and the pranks he always does, such as dressing like Spider-man or taking the kid for skate walking, are the themes of this fun book.

The Nutty Boy watches TV with his dad and shows what he likes and dislikes to watch on it.

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